Your Guide To Choosing The Right CMM Software

Published by CMMXYZ on April 28, 2022

When you are looking to invest in a CMM, choosing the right CMM software is the first step.

Coordinate measuring machines are designed to gather data and measurements from complex geometric objects, and use software for efficient and accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting. As CMMs continue to evolve, more and more softwares are available to elevate these machines and their ability.

CMMXYZ has been North America’s premier metrology provider for over 30 years, offering a range of CMM software products, repairs, calibrations, and training opportunities. We support a wide variety of CMM software and are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you identify the best software for your application.

Learn more about CMM software and how to find the right software for your needs.

What is CMM Software? 

CMM software is a computer-based process that captures and reports the data collected by a CMM and can identify potential errors and gauge accuracy.

What is the Purpose of CMM Software? 

The purpose of CMM software is to analyze and interpret the data collected by a machine’s scanning, touch, or laser probe. Metrology software can be used in a variety of complex CMM tasks ranging from simple geometric measurements to reverse engineering and digitizing complex 3D surfaces.

The Importance of CMM Software 

Software plays an essential role in the functionality of a CMM machine. By analyzing the information gathered by the machine’s probe, CMM software provides support to the user and tells them how to read the collected data without worrying about human error.

Choosing the Right CMM Software 

Finding the right software is essential for the accuracy and efficiency of your CMM. Certain programs are designed for maximum versatility, while others are designed to deliver niche applications. At CMMXYZ, we offer three primary software applications, each with its own benefits and software extensions.

POLYWORKS by InnovMetric 

POLYWORKS by InnovMetric is one of the most sought-after applications in the metrology industry and is available in multiple variations to meet the requirements of specific machines and their inspection needs. We offer three variations of PolyWorks:

Polyworks Inspector

Polyworks Inspector is a versatile instrument with a global customer base and includes product engineering, assembly guidance, and final inspections.

PolyWorks Inspector CNC

With Inspector CNC, users can view their CMM measurement path as they program, troubleshoot offline programming using collision detection, and add probe angles based on feature orientations.

PolyWorks Modeler

To streamline the reverse engineering process, Modeler allows users to extract curves, parametric sketches, surfaces and prismatic features from polygonal models, which can then be used to create a starting point in the CAD modelling process.


PC-DMIS, known as the most popular CMM software, is capable of measuring everything from simple prismatic parts to complex aerospace and automotive components. Equipped with a wide range of niche programs, this software can be incorporated into virtually any CMM project.


PC-DMIS for CMMs is a globally used software that comes in two basic configurations with optional modules available. CAD allows users to create inspection programs and evaluate measurement results, while CAD++ enhances the capabilities of its predecessor with sophisticated tools for high-speed scanning.

PC-DMIS for Portable Arms

To execute the advanced capabilities of a portable CMM, PC-DMIS for Portable Arms encompasses a full suite of scanning tools and allows the operator a total guided environment for parts measurement and its sequences.

PC-DMIS for Laser Trackers

For a universal approach to all Hexagon metrology devices, PC-DMIS for Laser Trackers allows the use of large icons that enhance remote control devices and sound events and can be used with portable arms, laser scanners, video measurement systems, and white light systems.


OGP produces software that connects users to its multi-sensor measuring systems. This software offers a new way for users to work with multi-sensor measuring systems with full-field image processing and real-time graphical display of measurement results.

What to Look for in CMM Software 

With various CMM software programs available, it’s important to consider the unique needs of your shop floor to determine which program can accurately record and interpret the data you need.


CMMs are a diverse group of equipment, each with its own specific capabilities. To ensure your machine can collect the appropriate data with heightened efficiency and accuracy, it’s essential to have the appropriate software guiding it. Pairing the right software with the appropriate machine ensures the information presented on your screen is without error.


Without efficiency, CMMs cannot provide the same level of performance needed to help manufacturers and shop floor operators streamline their operations. CMM software must be able to collect and present its data findings in real-time so that users can use said data to inform the next stage of production.


While CMM software should be able to digest complex data, it should be able to translate that data in ways users can understand. Versatility and accessibility are key to ensuring operators can present their findings with confidence and without human error.


CMMs are designed to maintain productivity on production lines and help manufacturers measure complex objects with accuracy, and their software needs to be able to meet those demands. The software you select should be able to guarantee CMM accuracy without the need for extensive mathematical or metrology knowledge.


CMM software is a nuanced process that can be difficult for users to navigate without guidance from trained metrology specialists. Software support is an essential component to any program, whether you’re PolyWorks, PC-DMIS, or an OGP software.

Our software maintenance agreements are designed to provide up-to-date news and advancements so users can reap all the benefits of their chosen program. We provide technical support from our trained support staff to ensure every client can maximize their CMM’s potential.

How Often Should You Update CMM Software? 

As the metrology industry continues to advance, it’s essential to monitor your CMM software and ensure you’re performing regular maintenance and upgrades. As scanning becomes more popular among CMMs, there is more of a need to handle larger amounts of data and present that data in an efficient timeframe.

Upgrading and installing new software on your existing CMM is a cost-effective way of combining today’s advanced technology without spending money on a brand-new machine. While there is no strict timeline for upgrading CMM software, it’s recommended that you keep a close eye on the industry’s requirements to ensure your machine can meet those standards.

If you’re unsure if it’s time for an upgrade, our trained technicians will assess your machine’s capabilities and provide recommendations on the software that is best suited for your needs.

Shop Floor vs Portable Arm CMM Software 

Shop floor and portable arm CMMs have changed the way manufacturers and production leaders are able to operate and collect data. These machines allow for real-time measurements without disrupting production cycles and are integral in many industries.

While both are important components for shop floor operators, they require customized softwares to operate effectively. This is why many softwares are tailored to either shop floor or portable CMMs, to ensure accuracy in every stage of the process.

Shop Floor Software 

Shop floor CMMs have become an integral part of the production process for manufacturers across every major industry. Their maneuverability allows operators to travel with the machine around the shop floor to collect data and measurements without interrupting production.

The software used with a shop floor CMM must incorporate the appropriate graphical user interface and a program-launch facility. These components eliminate the need for the complex software intricacies found in standard CMM software.

Portable Arm Software 

The convenience and accuracy of a portable arm must rely on specific software to collect and analyze its measurements. Portable arm software is designed to work seamlessly with these machines and their components, providing a full suite of scanning tools to bridge the interactions between laser scanners and hard probes.

PC-DMIS offers a portable arm software that includes a built-in GUI, allowing operators and inspection members to isolate meaningful results on the shop floor without the need for excessive training. If additional training is needed, however, CMMXYZ offers a variety of courses to help students increase their metrology knowledge.

Our CMM Software Training 

Training is an essential component of any metrology service. Adequate training ensures your machine and its software are operating at an optimal level and can collect exact data points. Our certified CMM training courses are designed to equip students with the insight and resources they need to advance their careers in inspection, engineering, and metrology.

Our courses are available on-site, online, or at one of our training classrooms. Each course is customized to fit its software and provides its own benefits.


Polyworks is becoming the fastest-growing 3D metrology platform globally, which means engineers and metrologists must be up to date with the latest innovations. Our Polyworks training includes three unique courses, each designed to teach specific components:

PolyWorks Inspector Training - Portable Metrology

If you’re operating a portable CMM, this course will teach you how to use the Polyworks software to incorporate laser scanning and probing into your inspection plan and produce easily digestible reports. You’ll learn to manage files, measure surface deviations and control part dimensions by scanning and probing, and review and report on inspection results.

PolyWorks Inspector Training - CMM

For both new and experienced PolyWorks users, this course teaches you how to write and execute an entire PolyWorks CMM program using laser or probing scanning. If you can read engineering drawings and have a basic understanding of metrology, this course can help take your skills to the next level.

PolyWorks Modeler

Advanced metrologists can take advantage of our Modeler course, which teaches students the complete reverse engineering workflow from the initial data gathering stage to generating a 3D CAD model. You’ll learn how to position and edit the polygonal model, and how to model prismatic and freeform shapes using various sketching tools.


Our convenient e-learning CMM training courses provide on-demand access to students and feature a comprehensive library of video tutorials on several important CMM topics, including how to use PC-DMIS and the Renishaw Equator Operator.


As the leading measurement software worldwide, PC-DMIS is essential for metrology students. Our classes are taught by experienced CMM technicians and include level one, two, and three options, plus a specialized course on PC-DMIS Portable.


This course is ideal for both novice GD&T users and those looking to refresh their knowledge and sharpen their skills. We focus on understanding the benefits and practical applications of GD&T and provide the necessary training to help students become proficient in this advanced software.

The Future of CMM Software 

The metrology industry is changing rapidly with the advancements of portable CMMs, and innovative software used across all models. Manufacturers and shop floor operators are looking for applications that can perform a variety of tasks with increased accuracy, including multisensor capabilities and measurements and constructions shown in real-time.

Work with CMMXYZ 

For over 30 years, CMMXYZ has been the leading metrology provider across North America, specializing in CMM software installation, upgrades, and training.

We’ve dedicated our careers to helping our clients understand the nuances and complexities of their CMM software and providing our expertise to help them select the right system for their machines.

In addition to our software capabilities, we offer a wide range of metrology services including purchasing new or used CMM equipment, repairs, calibrations, on and off-site measurements, and certified training courses. Our trained technicians provide innovative solutions to clients across industries, from automotive to healthcare, and are always on-hand to answer questions.

Whether you need to set up your new CMM software or you’re looking for an upgrade, trust CMMXYZ to provide quality metrology solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our CMM software capabilities.

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