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PolyWorks Modeler

Reverse-engineering software solution that allows extracting curves, parametric sketches, surfaces and prismatic features from polygonal models to create a starting point in the CAD modelling process.

PolyWorks / Modelerâ„¢ lets you:

Develop Polygonal Models - Transform digitized point coulds into a polygonal model via accurate meshing

  • Provides tools designed to repair and optimize imperfectly digitized geometry by interpolating new polygons over unmeasured areas.
  • CAD operations on polygonal models, such as extrusion, offset, fillet, and Boolean operations.

Develop Surface Models - Generate CAD-friendly freeform surfaces

  • NURBS surfacing technology places curves on polygonal model to develop a continuous network of NURB surfaces which can be directly imported into any CAD/CAM application.
  • Balance between lead time and surface quality.
  • Best NURBS surface-fitting engine on the reverse-engineering market in terms of quality and flexibility.
  • TG2-, G1-, or G0-continuity control over NURBS patch any boundary.
  • Automatic G2 surface fitting in areas where NURBS patches have a rectangular topology.

Develop Solid Models - Build solid CAD models from optimized geometric entities

  • Fundamental building block in a solid modeling workflow is the parametric 2D sketch.

Sketch created by:

  1. Define a sketch plane.
  2. Computing a sketch outline by slicing cross-sections of the digitized model or extracting its silhouette edge.
  3. Anchoring and fitting sketch entities and dimensions, guided by the sketch outline.
  • Parametric sketches are then transferred to the solid CAD modeler by using add-ins (for CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, and Inventor) or a neutral format (IGES).
  • Last, combine the sketches and fitted NURBS surfaces, use the dimensions from fitted prismatic geometry, and design the solid model directly in any CAD Software.
  • Apply all typical CAD operations directly to polygonal models and prepare these models for a wide variety of manufacturing applications such as milling, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, inspection, CFD & FEA, digital review, etc.
  • Control the rigidity of the fitted NURBS surfaces, mimicking a sheet metal material for getting super-smooth surfaces without ripples, or a plastic material to closely follow subtle polygonal details.

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