Upgrades & Retrofits

CMM Upgrades & Retrofits

Our team members are the most experienced team of service engineers in North America. We have specialists in both mechanics and electronics. Each team member is intimately familiar with leading controller solutions. Our expertise allows us to go to fundamental levels on coordinate measuring machines beyond just adding bits of electronic hardware. We can redesign aspects of the CMM's structural capability. At CMMXYZ, we specialize in all CMMs, from the smallest benchtop to massive gantry and horizontal arms systems.

CMM Upgrades & Retrofitting Across the U.S.

Retrofitting or upgrading your CMM is an investment in your machine’s precision and longevity, and it should always be performed by knowledgeable metrology experts with years of industry experience.

At CMMXYZ, we deliver quality metrology solutions directly to your shop floor. We send technicians to clients nationwide to ensure your machine is professionally updated or retrofitted and meets current industry standards, guaranteeing your manufacturing operations are future-proofed.

When it comes to getting the most out of your CMM, who you choose to upgrade or retrofit your machine matters. We combine our experience and expertise with our commitment to efficiency — for metrology services you can rely on.

Experience our quality CMM retrofit and upgrade services today.

Industry Leading CMM Upgrades

In today's competitive environment, your method of inspection must be state-of-the-art. Older CMMs, while retaining many years of useful life ahead, incorporate obsolete electronics and do not have the CMM software power necessary to cope with today's needs.

The answer is an upgrade or retrofit by the experts at CMMXYZ.
CMM's Technical Staff Can

CMMXYZ's Technical Staff Can:

  • Bring your machine up to current standards
  • Enhance the accuracy and speed of your equipment
  • Interface the latest developments in metrology software
  • Retrofit using the latest Renishaw probing technology, including the Renishaw PH20
  • Significantly improve the reliability and maintainability of your machine
  • Increase measuring volume size
  • Completely refurbish mechanically worn-out CMMs

We perform upgrades and retrofits on all makes of coordinate measuring machines:

  • Starrett
  • Mitutoyo
  • Zeiss
  • Sheffield
  • LK
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • DEA
  • Faro
  • IMS
  • Wenzel
  • Tarus
  • Trimek
  • Poli

Upgrading/Retrofitting Your CMM


Upgrading your CMM software is an efficient, cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your machine and incorporate new measurement capabilities.


Your probing system is the business end of your machine. Upgrading your CMM probing allows for faster part inspection without operator intervention.


Your CMM controller is the heart of your operation. A new controller can increase your machine’s security, data collection, and circular interpolation, making it longer-lasting.

Servicing North America Since 1986

CMMXYZ is North America’s leading metrology provider, offering a selection of professional coordinate metrology services. For over 30 years, we’ve sourced new and used CMMs for manufacturers across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Our trained technicians provide quality on and off-site calibration, repair, and training solutions. Contact CMMXYZ today to learn more about our inventory of CMMs and our custom metrology services.




Frequently Asked Questions About CMM Upgrades and Retrofits

How often should I upgrade my CMM?

While coordinate measurement machines are built to last, the machine’s software and controls require occasional updates in order to extend its lifespan and increase productivity.

CMM software upgrades should be considered when newer software versions become available or when the current software is unsupported. CMM upgrades are beneficial when production lines aren’t working as efficiently as they should or when new control functions are needed.

The frequency of CMM software updates or updating controls can vary depending on the machine and its capabilities. Speak with a licensed CMMXYZ technician to learn more.

What are the benefits of a CMM retrofit and upgrade?

While the structure of a CMM itself may not be prone to daily wear and tear, the machine’s software, sensors, and control systems can become outdated as newer systems are introduced. Upgrading and retrofitting a CMM offers significant benefits, including:

  • Improved Reliability and Accuracy
  • Extended CMM Lifespan
  • Greater Precision Control
  • Access to New Technologies/Software
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Throughput

What should I consider when upgrading or retrofitting my CMM?

If you’re looking for quality upgrades and retrofitting solutions, there are three key elements to consider.


CMM software is constantly changing and evolving as new probing products are introduced. Installing new software packages in an existing machine is a cost-effective solution to otherwise having to purchase an entirely new CMM. Many of today’s software products are designed with built-in interfaces that can work in tandem with your old controller, leading to even greater cost savings down the line.


New controls allow CMMs to incorporate a wider variety of tasks and implement new probing and software. Upgrading this part of the machine leads to greater volumetric accuracy and repeatability, authorized software and dimensional information to be accepted, and enhanced circular interpolation.


When it comes to your CMM’s probing systems, switching from a manual to an automatic probe head can help your machine inspect parts faster without lengthy probe changes or having to intervene during the measurement cycle.

Scanning probes can give older CMMs additional capabilities, including more precise positioning and more accurate data. They can also operate in a single-touch mode for greater flexibility.

Can I transfer my license from one machine to another machine?

Software licenses are controlled by the software manufacturer and are not transferable in most cases.

How much does upgrading/retrofitting my CMM cost?

The cost of a CMM retrofit and upgrade will vary depending on the scope of the work required. For services that require a technician on-site on the shop floor, prices may fluctuate due to rising food costs, hotels, and gasoline. Additionally, more stringent auditing procedures are involved in order to maintain our ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

To learn more about our CMM upgrade and retrofit costs, contact us at +1.800.606.9266 or visit us online to fill out our contact form.

What time will my CMM technician arrive?

Our CMMXYZ schedulers work with our customers to determine when their CMM retrofit/upgrade technician will arrive at their designated location.

How can I contact your CMM upgrade and retrofit technicians?

If you’re ready to retrofit your CMM for faster measurements and reduced costs, our metrology technicians can help you achieve those goals.

With services available across North America and Mexico, we’re here for your convenience. Customers in the United States can speak with our team about sending a CMM software upgrade or repair technician directly to their shop floor anywhere in the country.

Contact us today online or at +1.800.606.9266 to get started.

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