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CMMXYZ is North America’s leading metrology provider, specializing in quality CMM staffing services. We help our clients fulfil their pressing CMM staff needs, whether they’re facing staffing shortages, filling vacation coverage, or looking to hire and train a CMM technician or programmer. Whatever staffing issue you’re facing, our seasoned metrologists can help.

We understand the importance of hiring someone who can safely and effectively navigate your coordinate measuring machine, its probing systems and software. Our team can help you fill your vacant CMM inspector, programmer, or operator jobs so you can focus on growing your business.

Find a CMM programmer, operator, or inspector with help from CMMXYZ today.
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Our CMM Staffing Services

Quick Start

As metrology specialists, we are equipped to help you fill your CMM operator and programmer jobs by training candidates to navigate the machine safely and effectively. We will facilitate writing and editing existing programs, allowing previously unskilled operators to run the CMM.

Candidate Skill Qualification Package

Provide a half-day intensive review of the candidate's suitability — to include metrology, programming and GD&T. When it comes to finding a qualified CMM operator or programmer, due diligence is imperative.

Rent a CMM Programmer

Our CMM Staffing Services

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CMM Programmer

CMMs are complex machines that must be carefully programmed to ensure the operator can collect measurements and record important data on time. This is why it’s essential to hire a qualified CMM programmer to fill this role.

Our team will help you find a professional CMM programmer that you can trust.
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CMM Inspector

Your CMM inspector is responsible for ensuring your machine can accurately collect and record data without error. You need someone highly skilled in the operation of a CMM to facilitate these inspections without compromising your production schedule.

 Let CMMXYZ help you find qualified staff to fulfil this integral role.
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CMM Operator

Operating a CMM is an important part of the metrology process and involves an in-depth understanding of the machine’s features and capabilities. Hiring the right CMM operator allows production leaders to focus on production and productivity without hesitation.
Whether you’re looking to onboard one of our CMM programmers for a short term project or hire your own full-time CMM staff, our metrology specialists can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About CMM Staffing

What are CMM staffing services?

CMM staffing services are designed for manufacturing and production-related industries. These services often include renting employees from metrology companies on a short-term basis to help clients establish their CMM machines and measuring practices. They also include aiding them in hiring and training qualified long-term candidates.

When may I need CMM staffing services?

If your business owns or is renting a coordinate measuring machine, you need CMM staff that understands how to ensure your machine is working at its highest level.

If you need someone to create inspection programs and software installation, you need to fill a CMM programmer job. This role is designed to ensure the machine’s programs can successfully automate the machine’s data collection.

If you have the machine on-site but don’t have the staff to control and navigate it, you need a CMM operator to ensure the machine is able to safely and accurately collect reliable data in the most efficient manner possible, increasing your inspection time.

When your machine is in operation, it’s important to ensure it’s operated in a manner that will not cause costly collisions and repairs.  A CMM inspector makes sure your machine is operated in a safe and knowledge mode ensuring safe, quick and efficient inspection catching any discrepancies before they affect your production cycle.

What is a CMM programmer?

A CMM programmer is responsible for creating inspection programs for their designated machines and parts. Programming a CMM includes part setup, program design, creation and relevant reporting. Throughout the process, CMM programmers are expected to take diagrams, drawings, or prototype details to ensure the program they’ve installed will automate the machine’s data collection.

What is a CMM operator?

A CMM operator controls the machine’s measuring probe and, if using a manual set-up, uses its computer system to record all measurements. If the operator works with a programmed CMM, they will signal the machine’s software to record the required CMM measurements.

What is a CMM inspector?

A CMM inspector is responsible for operating the machine and ensuring it’s performing its required functions without error. An inspector will make sure parts to be measured are mounted properly ensuring the data being collected is accurate.

How much do CMM staffing services cost?

The cost of staffing services will often vary depending on several important factors, including your location and the type of services required.

At CMMXYZ, we offer a selection of tailored CMM services for businesses across North America. We provide our employees out to our customers on a short-term basis, and we offer CMM training and hiring services to help you fill your operator, inspector, or CMM programmer jobs.

We believe in full cost transparency for all our CMM services. Once we understand your inspection, operation, or CMM programming needs, we’ll provide a cost breakdown for your records.

What industries can benefit from CMM staffing services?

Coordinate measuring machines have changed the way manufacturing and production-based companies operate for the better. These machines facilitate increased productivity, enhance production cycles, and contribute to regulated maintenance.

Finding a qualified CMM inspector, operator, or programmer to work with these machines is an important part of the process. Hiring CMM staff benefits many of our leading industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing

At CMMXYZ, we work with industries across North America to help fulfil their staffing needs. Our CMM staff are available on a short-term basis to facilitate the machine’s operation or programming, and we offer training and hiring services to fill open operator, inspector, or CMM programmer jobs — helping companies acquire the long-term talent they can trust.

Where does CMMXYZ offer CMM staffing services?

At CMMXYZ, our leading metrology experts offer CMM staffing services to businesses in Ontario and across North America.

We understand the complexities and nuances that come with CMM inspector, operator, and programmer jobs — and we know that finding the right candidates can be a long process. We take the weight of hiring and training off your shoulders, so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact our CMM staff today to find out more about our services.

How can I get CMM staffing services from CMMXYZ?

If you’re looking to fill your company’s CMM programmer, inspector, or operator jobs, our metrology specialists can help.

As North America’s leading independent metrology provider, we know what it means to understand CMMs and their intricacies. That’s why we offer CMM staffing services that can be tailored to your needs — whether you’re looking to hire one of our workers on a short-term basis or you need help hiring and training a qualified programmer or operator.

We make it easy to fill your CMM staffing needs. Simply fill out our online form with your contact details and CMM staff requests, and one of our metrology specialists will be in touch with the next steps.

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