New CMM Equipment

Bridge CMMs

Bridge CMMs have been the mainstay of coordinate metrology since the late 1970s thanks to a combination of precision, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Gantry CMMs

Gantry CMMs are the ultimate choice for extremely large or heavy parts that require high precision measurements.

Vision and Multisensor Systems

Multisensor systems are fast and delicate - ideal for measuring small components that are less than 600 mm squared by area and no more than 200 mm tall.
VIEW Vision & Multisensor Systems

Portable Arms

Portable Arms are the most versatile portable measuring tool available today. Surprisingly accurate and incredibly rugged, it's often the number one choice for a modern manufacturing facility.
VIEW Portable Arms

Probing & Accessories

We sell, service and integrate a wide variety of CMM probing for any brand of coordinate measure machine, helping you achieve higher productivity through a variety of tooling.
VIEW Probing & Accessories

Shop Floor CMMs

The new generation of shop floor CMMs that has earned its popularity among industrial users.
VIEW Shop Floor CMMs

Horizontal CMMs

Horizontal CMMs shine when the parts being measured are extremely long, or tall, making them the ideal fit for the automotive industry.
VIEW Horizontal CMMs

Scanning & Digitizing Systems

Our inventory of Scanning and Digitizing Systems includes laser scanners, white light scanning systems and analogue scanning devices. Each of these devices has its own advantages based on job specifics.   
VIEW Scanning & Digitizing Systems

Fixturing and Gauging Systems

Modular fixturing for coordinate measuring machines.
VIEW Fixturing and Gauging Systems

Laser Trackers

Laser Trackers are portable devices allowing you to measure over large distances while maintaining high accuracy.

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