Gantry CMMs

The Magic of Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machines

The ultimate choice for extremely large or heavy parts that require high precision is the gantry coordinate measuring machine. In 1970, DEA in Italy was the first manufacture of gantry CMMs. Today they still lead in the number of large coordinate-measuring machines installed around the world.

In fact there is no other way to guarantee high precision over large parts (1.5 to 20 M) than a gantry CMM. This includes CMM laser trackers, theodolites and scanning systems.

Gantry CMMs provide the following benefits to the user:

  • Parts are easily loaded either by crane or lift truck, due to the open access to the measuring volume.
  • Gantry CMMs require very little CMM maintenance.  Guideways and drive systems are safely out of the way of contaminants and dirt.
  • The machine is not easily damaged either by miss loading of parts or components being trapped under a bridge.  The reference plate is completely separate to the machine structure.
  • The machines provide ergonomically superior conditions for the operator.  This is because when CMM programming the operator has the ability to observe closely the feature being measured, as he can walk within the machines measuring volume.

If you are considering measuring high accuracy, large or very heavy parts contact us at CMM. Gantries are what we do best!

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