Scanning & Digitizing Systems

Which Scanning or Digitizing System to Choose?

We offer various types of scanning and digitizing systems each one has its own advantages and disadvantages based on the job specifics.

Laser scanners have the most flexibility of any non contact scanning method; they can be mounted on a coordinate measuring machine (Brown and Sharpe, DEA, Wenzel, Zeiss, Mitutoyo and LK). They may also be attached to portable arms (Faro and Romer).  Finally, laser scanners can be used with the Leica tracker systems. Laser scanners are probably the most flexible of all scanning technologies. The reason being that they have the ability to measure all sides of the component either by a direct computer-controlled measuring machine or a portable arm.

Hand Held scanners can be laser or optical.  They offer complete portability both in the factory and outdoors.  Benefits are lower cost and the ability to scan larger components when high accuracy is not required.

White light scanning systems or blue light as in some cases are by far the fastest method of data accumulation. They are ideal for smaller components or large batch inspection of the same component. Once programmed they operate automatically even in conjunction with a rotary table or a loading robot.

Analogue scanning devices which maintain constant contact with the component are mounted on a direct computer-controlled coordinate measuring machine. By far their advantage is precision, and also they can function as a tactile or touch system (Renishaw SP 25/SP 600/Revo).

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Scanning & Digitizing Systems

SP25M Scanning Probe

The SP25M delivers high accuracy of discrete points and it also has two sensors in one - scanning and touch-trigger.

Scantech Prince

The Scantech Prince is a highly versatile metrology grade handheld 3D scanner.

Scantech KSCAN Magic

Scantech KSCAN Magic is a lightweight 3D handheld scanner.

Kreon Zepher II Blue

The Kreon Zephyr II Blue 3D Scanner is designed for demanding applications.

Kreon Solano CMM

The Solano CMM 3D scanner is a cost-effective solution that allows the user to scan most industrial parts with high accuracy and efficiency.

Kreon Aquilon

The Aquilon is Kreon’s most accurate 3D laser scanner with accuracy of 5μm . 2 cameras provide complete scanning of the surface.

Artec Space Spider

An ultra-high-resolution 3D scanner that excels at precisely capturing small objects and complex details for reverse engineering.

Artec Ray

A long-range laser scanner that quickly delivers submillimeter accuracy. Designed for the highest precision and clean data capture, Ray is ideal for inspection/quality control as well as reverse engineering.

Artec Micro

Professional ultra-high-precision industrial desktop 3D scanner for small machine parts, jewelry and dentistry.

Artec Leo

Artec Leo Next generation 3D scanner. Tetherless, with a built-in screen and onboard processing, Leo makes professional 3D scanning as simple as taking a video on a cell phone. Powerful technology, which even captures under direct sunlight.

Artec Eva

Long-time industry-favourite, this versatile 3D scanner makes fast 3D scans of objects such as the human body, furniture, industrial machinery and ancient artifacts.

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