Customized Measurement Solutions

Custom Measurement Services

Your business needs a solution to a problem, but sometimes the problem is too complex to explain in one phone call or one email. Let us come to your facility, where we can go over your process and concerns. We will assemble an individualized CMM measurement plan to identify and address your problem.

Tailored CMM Measurements

Investigative Metrology

Are your processes failing but unsure of the root cause? Ask us! Our team, comprised of metrologists with 25+ years of experience across every imaginable industry, will discuss and guide you through your measurement requirements.

First-Off Inspection Support

We understand that our customers operate in an environment of increasing sophistication, and the demand for greater product quality and reliability is growing with their competition. To stay ahead, companies may employ a "First Off Inspection". This is a process where the first few parts that are produced go through a more rigorous inspection to determine if the current process produces a quality product

Let us help you with your First Off Inspections, and together we will fine-tune your process to create high-quality products!

Over-sized/Under-sized Part Measurement

From giant wind turbines to small medical devices, we can measure what other can't! We have extensive experience measuring parts of all shapes, sizes, and durability. Parts with special handling requirements, such as nuclear components, are our specialty!

High Accuracy Measurement using the Latest Equipment

Our greatest strength lies not only in our team members' experience but our breadth of equipment. We have access to the latest and most accurate metrology equipment; in fact, you will not find a better equipped Metrology lab in Canada.

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