CMMXYZ Measurement Services

CMMXYZ Measuring Services

Regardless of industry or application, a company needs the following three items to measure a part accurately:

  • A CMM or other measurement tool or machine
  • Skilled people to determine your measurement needs and to operate the CMM
  • A dedicated space to measure your part

If you are missing one or more of the above, Measurement Services offers a solution. Regardless of whether you need a machine, a skilled technician, a lab to measure, or all three, we can tailor the help you need to fit your schedule and budget.

Industry Leading
Measurement Services

A dimensional measurement check involves measuring critical areas of a part, usually defined in a drawing. This may involve a CMM physically measuring a part, or a non-contact method using lasers and/or vision systems capable of making a 2D or 3D render of the part to measure using CAD software.

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Reverse Engineering

Once a 3D render has been captured with a scanning-capable machine, CAD can be created with the data, which can be used for reverse-engineering activities.
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Customized Measurement Solutions

Sometimes, the only known problem is that there is one. Ask for a free consultation; we will help you determine where your process might be failing and provide a customized CMM measurement plan to address your issue within your time and budget restraints.
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Marine Engineering

We complement your marine engineering and shipbuilding efforts by measuring shafts, propellers, hulls, and anything else you may need to plan and execute successfully.
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Contract Programming

We will come to your facility and program your CMM to measure anything your machine can handle. Contract programming is a perfect solution for people who own a CMM but do not have the time or personnel to program themselves.
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On-site Services

If you need someone to measure a part at your facility, but you do not have the equipment, we can help. We have a range of the best and most accurate portable measurement machines, so we can measure your part at your place.
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About Us

CMMXYZ provides custom support and technology across all industries. We offer measurement solutions as unique as our customers. At CMMXYZ if you can make it, we can measure it.


Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory includes:

  • Gantry CMM with 5m X 2m measurement volume
  • Ultra High accuracy measurement to less than 5µm
  • Gear & Blade inspection
  • High Speed Scanning (analog/digital/laser)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Video Measuring (non contact)

We offer the following on-site services:

  • Laser Measurement capacity: 80 meters
  • Large volume laser scanning capacity
  • Portable Arm: measuring & scanning
  • Reverse Engineering

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