Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering - What we do

Sometimes, knowing where you stand helps you determine your next steps. When a part is in a state that you want to reproduce, reverse-engineering is what you want to do. The term “reverse-engineering” used in this context means:

  • We will laser scan your part with portable laser trackers
  • Create a “mesh” of the scan
  • Use that information to create a solid CAD, with surface, lines, splines etc. that can be easily integrated into your process using CAD software.
Reverse Engineering Services

Our Digitizing Services


Archive your hand-tuned die blocks today before they are worn out in production tomorrow. By archiving the part in its ideal and functional form, digitized data can be used to detect and quantify wear and tear caused by production (as well as CMM repair and restoration in case of unexpected damage).

Vintage Reconstruction

Volumetric Analysis

Need a digital model for FEA/FEM, but your CAD software is incompatible with raw scan data? Ask us about our modelling services to convert raw point cloud data into your choice of CAD file format(s).

Program Update & Conversation

Need to re-design and add a subcomponent to an existing assembly? Our digitizing services can virtualize your machine with submillimeter accuracy for perfect function and fitment.

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