Horizontal CMMs

Why Choose a Horizontal CMM?

Sometimes vertical arm coordinate measuring machines just don't do the job adequately. Normally it's an accessibility problem, but sometimes it's just the sheer size of part being measured that pushes the cost of the vertical machine into the stratosphere. Here are some of the benefits of the horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine that you might want to consider prior to your next purchase:

  • Cost vs volume. Horizontal arm coordinate measure machines shine when the parts being measured are extremely long, or tall. Parts like this are often found in the automotive industry (doors chassis, car bodies, hoods, dashboards, etc.). In fact, thin wall parts fit exceptionally well on horizontal machines.
  • Footprint. When considering the size of the bridge CMM vs horizontal arm machine the area taken up by the horizontal machine is much less. Less ceiling height is required for comparable Z heights.
  • Variety of configurations. Horizontal CMMs are available with an integral plate or mounted on a single beam with a remote plate or movable fixture. They can also be dual arm system which allow double the inspection area possible and double the inspection speed, compared to a single system.

Lower cost of installation. Horizontal arm machines with an integral plate do not require complex foundation systems as would be necessary in a gantry style measuring machine. They are relatively easy to relocate and rebuild anywhere within the shop.

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