Modular Fixturing for CMMs

Whether you are checking production or prototype parts, the Renishaw modular fixturing system for CMMs is designed to hold parts of any size, shape or material. The large selection of components can adapt to hold virtually anything and everything with the use of just one fixture.

Fast and Flexible

  • setup parts within minutes
  • base plates have mulitple hole locations
  • wide variety of components
  • fixture more than one part on a plate

Consistent setups

  • alphanumerically labeled base plates
  • components are laser etched with a part number
  • document setups in 3D with FixtureBuilder CMM software

Fits any application

  • 1/4-20, M4 and M8 components and base plates
  • cast aluminum base plates from 6" x 6" to 60" x 120"

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