PolyWorks Modeler

Modeler is an advanced 3D reverse engineering add-on to the PolyWorks metrology suite. In this course you will learn the complete reverse engineering workflow starting from gathering scan data to generating a 3D CAD model.
3 days
Basic knowledge of metrology, basic computer skills (Windows operating system)

The objective of this 3-day coordinate measuring machine training course is to enable metrology operators, technicians, engineers, and designers, who have little or no knowledge of the PolyWorks Metrology Suite, to reverse parts using tools found in PolyWorks|Modeler™. More specifically, it covers the key concepts of basic polygonal model editing, parametric sketching, and NURBS surfacing.


  • Manage files and navigate through the PolyWorks® interface
  • Obtain part data and position the polygonal model
  • Edit the polygonal model
  • Model prismatic shapes using sketching tools
  • Model freeform shapes using NURBS surfacing tools

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