PolyWorks Inspector Training - Portable Metrology

PolyWorks Inspector is the most popular software choice for portable measuring equipment such as Romer or FARO Arms & Leica Trackers. This course will teach you how to use PolyWorks to incorporate laser scanning and probing into your inspection plan and generate easy to read reports.
4 days
Basic knowledge of metrology, able to read engineering drawings, basic computer skills (Windows operating system)

The objective of this CMM training is to enable metrology operators, technicians, and engineers, who have little or no knowledge of the PolyWorks Metrology Suite, to perform 3D inspections using tools found in PolyWorks|Inspector™. More specifically, it covers the key concepts of a typical inspection workflow for portable metrology devices such as articulated arms with probing and capabilities.


  • Manage files and navigate through the PolyWorks® interface
  • Define a CMM measurement plan
  • Measure surface deviations and control part dimensions by probing
  • Measure surface deviations and control part dimensions by scanning
  • Align measured part to the CAD model
  • Review, report, and share inspection results
  • Inspect multiple pieces

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