PolyWorks Inspector Portable

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PolyWorks Inspector Portable

The industry-standard 3D metrology toolbox for product engineering, assembly guidance, and final inspection. By using point cloud digitizers and single-point contact based probing devices, PolyWorks Inspector is able to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly throughout real-time CMM measurements and oversee the quality of assembeled products.

PolyWorks / Inspectorâ„¢ allows you to:

Align Parts With Respect to:

  • Surfaces or cross-sections (Measured to nominal best-fit, contrainable in rotation/translation and within tolerance zone)
  • Features (3-2-1, pairs of center points and GD&T datum reference frames)
  • Reference points and lines (RPS, surface points, and six-point nest)
  • Virtual gauges (caliper, flush & gap, and airfoil)

Measure - Extract all required dimensions

  • Dimensions can be extracted from measured point clouds, CAD model, polygonal models built from point clouds or probed points
  • Advanced dimensions such as flush and gap, profile radius, airfoil dimensions, assembly clearance, thickness and more
  • Feature dimensions and GD&T controls (ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO 1101, as well as PTB certified 64-bit/32-bit)

Report - Generate Updateable Reports

  • 3D Screenshots and result tables are automatically updated if a project is altered
  • Ability to share reports with colleagues, managers and suppliers to review inspections

Multi-Piece Inspection - Simplify the inspection of multiple pieces

  1. Create an inspection project and report for a first piece.
  2. Let DirectReplay automatically replay the same inspection on subsequent pieces.
  3. Acquire the 3D measurement data of the new pieces with your point cloud digitizer, single point measurement device, or both.

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