Datum Targets Measurement/Alignment in Polyworks CNC/CMM

Published by CMMXYZ on November 6, 2023

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Welcome, to a new video on tech tips from CMMXYZ. In today's video, let's see how Datum Targets can be aligned in Polyworks CNC/CMM. In Polyworks Inspector, I have a CAD model of a demo block with datum target points given in the drawing. Since reference targets cannot be measured in Polyworks CNC/CMM, we can have a workaround to measure these points and define those points as datums. First, create comparison points using a numerical method by keying in the X, Y, and Z values. Go to the Comparison Points icon and choose Create Surface Comparison Points. In Method, choose Numerically and key in the X, Y, and Z value for all six points.

Here, I've created six comparison points at the given targets. After creating comparison points, we can link the reference target points to the created comparison points. Go to the Reference Target Points icon and select Create Surface Reference Target Points. In the dialogue box, select Method as From Objects and check mark on selected comparison points. For alignment direction, choose Point Normal, then go to the Tree View tab and select all the created comparison points. Go to the Dialogue Zone tab and click on Create to create reference target points. This will create six reference target points at all six given datum targets.

Then select all the reference target points in the Tree View, right-click, and go to Properties. Go to the Measurement tab and select Extract as the method of measurement. Then in the data objects, choose All and Apply the Changes. Now, measure all the comparison points by running it in the sequence. Since comparison points are linked to reference targets, we can extract the measured value from the created targets. Highlight all the reference targets, right-click, and select Extract Measured. Now, we have a measured reference targets, which can be labeled as datums. Next, we can define the datum targets as datums in the Tree View. Now, we can use these targets for measurements and alignments. To align the part, we can use reference targets alignment or datum reference frame alignment. This was a video on datum targets alignment in Polyworks CNC/CMM. Thank you for watching the video.

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