PolyWorks Training

PolyWorks Training by Our Experienced Professionals

PolyWorks is the world’s fastest growing 3D metrology platform and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you in our interactive CMM training sessions. Whether you’re new to inspection software, or just need a refresher, our team of experienced professionals are ready to guide you through your metrology journey.

PolyWorks Inspector Training - Portable Metrology

PolyWorks Inspector is the most popular software choice for portable measuring equipment such as Romer or FARO Arms & Leica Trackers. This course will teach you how to use PolyWorks to incorporate laser scanning and probing into your inspection plan and generate easy to read reports.
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PolyWorks Inspector Training - CMM

This course is designed to introduce both new and experienced PolyWorks users to the PolyWorks CNC CMM interface. Learn how to write and execute a complete PolyWorks CMM program using either probing or laser scanning.
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PolyWorks Modeler

Modeler is an advanced 3D reverse engineering add-on to the PolyWorks metrology suite. In this course you will learn the complete reverse engineering workflow starting from gathering scan data to generating a 3D CAD model.
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