CMMXYZ Guide To Contract Measurement Services

Published by CMMXYZ on July 7, 2021

A robust metrological approach will maintain efficiency and minimize errors in your production cycle. Two factors will help to achieve this: selecting the correct equipment and securing the expert personnel to operate the equipment. Your metrology equipment needs to be quick, accurate, and reliable; the operator of this equipment needs to be qualified to collect and interpret the data. After all, without the right metrology equipment and trained operators, it can be challenging to maintain high production standards and streamline efficiency.

At CMMXYZ, we provide professional CMM measurement services on-site and off-site for clients across North America. For more than 30 years, our certified metrological technicians have helped manufacturers accurately measure complex geometric objects, conduct inspections, acquire data, and execute advanced reverse engineering.

We offer a diverse range of measurement services and scanning equipment to ensure production floors can maintain efficiency. We provide customized coordinate measuring machine support to our clients across industries backed by a team of industry leaders and accreditations.

About Contract Measurement Service Providers 

Contract measurement service providers carry out measuring and scanning solutions with a combination of speed, efficiency, and reliability. Using industry-leading technology and software, trained technicians can identify the optimal measuring method for any geometric object.

At CMMXYZ, our contract measurement services are performed by experienced professionals with a long list of metrology capabilities, including dimension inspections and reverse engineering. Our services are designed to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

Why Contract Measurement is Essential 

Contract measurement ensures your equipment is performing to its highest standard. By conducting various scans, inspections, and alignments, you’ll have the information you need to maintain production without waiting for programs to be written or to receive measured parts.

Working with professional contract measurement service providers ensures you’re receiving the most accurate data in your desired timeframe. Whether you’re working with metal, ceramic, or silicone-based surfaces, professional technicians will measure your desired equipment at their facility or directly on your production floor.

Our Contract Measurement Services 

At CMMXYZ, we provide professional contract measurement services to clients across North America. Our team of certified technicians offers custom support and advanced technology across industries and tailors services to your specifications.

Contract Programming and Inspection 

We provide contract programming and inspection services to help our clients operate their machines with confidence. When you need to monitor production quality or upgrade your existing program’s efficiency, our skilled technicians will leverage their experience to help you design your programming and inspection procedures.

Dimensional Inspection 

Our dimensional inspection services are designed to accurately measure large, complex surfaces and physical characteristics, including uniformity, perpendicularity, shape profiles, and surface characteristics.

We utilize a variety of measuring equipment and a team of trained metrology personnel to identify your measurement or troubleshooting needs. With our detailed inspections, you will be able to focus on streamlining your production line.

Precision Laser Alignment

We use advanced lasers to accurately align your equipment, resulting in rapid measurements, accurately documented data, and reduced machine downtime and repair costs. To establish floor plans and grid line layouts, we use our laser alignment services.

3D Scanning 

Our 3D scanning services combine accuracy, efficiency and rapid data acquisition for a complete profile of your part.

We’ll perform a scan of your part, which involves picking up features to create a 3D scan (raw point cloud) and using that 3D scan to measure features. This process is also the first step in Reverse Engineering.

Reverse Engineering 

Reverse engineering involves creating a 3D virtual model from an existing object to use in computer-assisted design, manufacturing, engineering, or additional software. Our certified reverse engineering services are used to analyze a product’s overall functionality, scanning our part, and converting the raw point cloud data into your selected CAD file format. This CAD file would have all the surfaces, splines, and edges present, and the file will easily import into your CAD software.

Tooling Verification 

We can verify your tool in two ways. We can verify the parts that are produced from your tool by measuring a sample of your production and reporting the various production standard statistical values. We can also verify the tool itself by measuring areas of interest and using GD&T to report on the deviation of the die compared to nominal CAD.

Customized Solutions 

Our customized measurement solutions are as unique as our customers. If your processes are falling behind with an unknown root cause, our certified metrologists will work with you to create a measurement solution that is customized to your needs.


In order for a CMM to accurately measure the geometry of an object, it must be operated by a trained metrologist who is proficient in various software, programs, and can effectively utilize a CMM’s complex features. We provide a spectrum of in-class, remote, and virtual CMM training services to suit varying skill levels and learning preferences.

Benefits of Contract Measurement Services 

At CMMXYZ, we use industry-leading metrology equipment to effectively measure complex parts from your production floor. We inspect the geometric specifications of your object, measure each component, and compare the data to ensure accuracy on all levels.

Our certified contract measurement services provide our clients with a complete range of benefits, including:

Hand-Picked Solutions

Our trained metrologists offer customized, hand-picked solutions that are best suited to your industry. We have the required CMM certification, tools, and resources to ensure your project is completed with the highest level of accuracy.

Efficient Turnaround 

Our trained service personnel deliver a swift turnaround for all contract measurement services. We deliver your results efficiently without sacrificing precision and accuracy.

Increased Productivity 

With a well-equipped measurement service provider, you will no longer have to wait for a program to be written or parts to be measured. We provide immediate contract measurement services that deliver the results you need quickly so that you can resume production and maintain streamlined productivity.

Onsite Vs. Offsite Measurement Services 

We provide flexible contract measuring services to clients across North America through our on-site and off-site capabilities. At CMMXYZ, our certified technicians can tailor their services to meet your exact specifications, whether we’re performing our measurements in our Mississauga facility or we’re bringing our tools and expertise to you.


On-site services are a valuable component of a professional contract measurement services provider. In the long run, on-site services will save you time and money and increase your company’s profitability. On-site measurement is ideal for customers with complex parts that cannot be transported.

If your object is too large, currently in use, or is a critical piece of the production line, we offer professional on-site measurements. We’ll ensure that you don’t have to worry about stopping production or risk damaging your equipment by transporting it to our facility.

Our range of CMMXYZ on-site services is designed to streamline the measurement process and simultaneously protect your equipment.

Laser Measurement Capacity 

We can accurately determine the distance of an object without making contact through advanced laser measurement tools. With our expertise and industry-leading portable CMM equipment, we can maximize results with a capacity of 80 meters.

Large Volume Laser Scanning Capacity 

While traditional measurements are collected using a range of tools, including measuring tapes and digital cameras, our portable large-volume laser scanners can improve overall workflow and minimize data collection errors.

Portable Arm: Measuring & Scanning 

portable CMM arm requires a customized measuring, scanning, and calibration approach. We bring our certified measurement and scanning services to your shop floor, so you can maximize production without sacrificing the results you need.

Reverse Engineering 

We bring our advanced reverse engineering techniques to your shop floor for enhanced reconstruction, volumetric analysis, and digitizing. We make sure we understand your part and its function in order to produce the most useful Reverse-Engineered CAD.


Our state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga includes a full range of CMMs and other measurement devices. We measure your parts and calibrate our machines according to ISO-17025 and ISO 9001, so you can be sure of our high standards. We utilize an efficient and repeatable measurement procedure that ensures your part will be accurately measured, reported on accurately, and returned to you in pristine condition.

On-Site Laboratory Capabilities 

As a leading independent measurement solutions provider, CMMXYZ is equipped with the most advanced equipment and the most knowledgeable staff in North America. We provide our customers with superior measurement and scanning services that meet or exceed industry standards.

Each of our capabilities is performed with a precise level of accuracy no matter the industry or complexity of the geometric object.

Gantry CMM 

Our DEA Delta Gantry machine has the capability to measure parts up to five meters in length while maintaining accuracy in the 17-micron range. Finding a CMM that can measure parts of this size is rare; finding one that can achieve the same accuracy as this is rarer still.

Ultra-High Accuracy 

Our smaller, more accurate CMMs achieve an accuracy of less than 5 µm. Our high-accuracy CMMs conduct complex measuring tasks using single-point probing as well as a high-speed-scanning mode.

Gear & Blade Inspection 

Gears and gear blades are highly specialized in their function and complex in their production. Because of this, gears require a highly specialized level of inspection. We use specialized software to accurately verify given gear parameters, including their pitch diameter and helix angle.

High-Speed Scanning 

We provide a range of high-speed scanning services that use certain technologies, including photogrammetry and laser capabilities. Scanning effectively captures large amounts of 3D point-cloud data, and the data collected can be used for various operations, like measurement of features or Reverse-Engineering.

Reverse Engineering 

We provide a detailed approach to reverse engineering that allows our clients to understand how a particular part was designed to update its functionality, reconstruct its features, analyze its raw point cloud data, or re-design its existing assembly.

Video Measuring 

When components are either too small or too delicate to withstand contact from a CMM probe, we use a high-performance and fully programmable video measuring system. Each device allows accurate measurements at high speeds without the need to make contact with the object.

Accredited Measurement Services 

At CMMXYZ, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality contract measurement services across North America. Each of our services is performed to the ISO standard to ensure accuracy across all our capabilities.

ISO 9001:2015 

The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is given to organizations that meet the requirements for a quality management system and have shown the ability to provide products or services that meet both customer and regulatory requirements.

Our accreditation allows our certified technicians to provide quality contract measurement services to various industries, from software upgrades to portable arm measurements, laser scanning and more.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate and Scope 

This accreditation is based on a standard published by the International Organization of Standards titled “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.” We are ISO-17025 accredited, and that means our management and technical requirements meet or exceed the high levels set by this international standard.

Our ISO accreditations show that CMMXYZ is able to offer our clients the highest level of measurement, scanning, and programming services. Our certifications are continuously updated to meet the industry’s evolving standards.

Work with CMMXYZ 

CMMXYZ is North America’s leading independent measurement solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience. We’re proud to offer industry-leading metrology solutions to customers across North America.

We provide customized on-and-off-site measuring and scanning services ranging from inspections to equipment verifications, laser scanning, and reverse engineering. We’ll take you through our extensive catalogue and help you understand the details of our contract measurement services.

Our team of technicians has the tools and industry insight to select the ideal equipment for your unique measurement needs. We understand the complex parts of a coordinate measuring machine and how they apply to your industry. We can help select the appropriate equipment and conduct our measurements or scans with a quick turnaround to help you resume production and maintain efficiency on the production floor.

If you’re looking for certified contract measurement and scanning services, trust the team at CMMXYZ. Our specialists are available to answer your questions and offer equipment recommendations or schedule a visit to your facility.

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