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Published by CMMXYZ on January 6, 2022

To measure a part to its highest degree of accuracy, you need the right machine in the right environment. Incorporating a robust shop floor CMM into your shop floor production gives you the flexibility to measure a part without removing it from the production line.

For over 30 years, CMMXYZ has been North America’s leading metrology provider, offering a range of specialized CMM (coordinate measuring machine) services and solutions. We offer a range of certified shop floor machines to ensure parts are measured accurately on your shop floor.

We offer a selection of shop floor CMMs and enhanced measuring and maintenance services to increase productivity and efficiency on your production floor. Our equipment is adaptable to every shop environment and incorporates the latest software for a specialized CMM experience.

What is a Shop Floor CMM? 

Shop floor CMMs are robust measuring machines that can be moved around anywhere on the shop floor. This equipment offers an efficient, accurate and innovative way to collect data without interrupting the production process.

These machines are designed to adapt to changing environments and offer a variety of convenient features which operators can optimize to their advantage. Shop floor CMMs are changing the way industrial leaders optimize their production and leverage productivity.

Why Choose a Shop Floor CMM? 

When it comes to creating a cohesive and efficient production line, it is essential to integrate efficient measurement technologies that advance, and do not hinder, the production process. Portable and robust shop floor CMMs are designed with convenient measurement capabilities that can adapt to your environment without losing precious production time.

Our trained technicians will deliver your shop floor CMM, set up the machine as directed, and help you understand how to operate and maintain it to ensure its longevity.

Who Can Use Shop Floor CMMs? 

Shop floor CMMs offer flexibility and convenience to any business looking to increase accuracy and productivity in their factory or warehouse. These specialized machines can endure challenging shop floor conditions while maximizing production space and measurement accuracy, which is beneficial for two primary businesses:

Production Lines 

Production lines rely on efficiency and productivity to create the volume of goods needed to meet consumer demands. Rather than remove crucial components for off-site measurements, shop floor CMMs offer a convenient way to collect the necessary data without sacrificing essential production time or compromising productivity.

Manufacturing Plants 

Manufacturing companies are experiencing an increased demand for data collection and measurements near their production points. Shop Floor CMMs are a key asset for manufacturers to gather the information they need without risking the quality or accuracy of their production, whether they’re manufacturing parts for the aerospace, automotive, or energy industry.

Our Shop Floor CMMs 

At CMMXYZ, we carry various types of CMM machines that manufacturers and shop floor operators can choose from, with customizable features to tailor the machine to their needs. Learn more about the shop floor CMM models we have available:

Tigo SF 

The TIGO SF is one of the most versatile CMMs on the market and offers a combination of innovative technology and robust construction, which results in high-accuracy measurements. This machine is adaptable to various environments and is ideal for small to medium-sized parts across industrial sectors.

The TIGO SF opens on three sides, which offer operators advanced accessibility and optimized integration for a range of production processes. It comes with an HP-S-X1C fixed probe but can be fitted with the automatic indexable HH-A-5, manual index HH-MI-M, or a touch-trigger probe for enhanced maneuverability.

Hexagon 7.10.7 SF 

The Hexagon 7.10.7 SF is designed to excel in challenging shop floor environments thanks to its robust and durable design.

Manufacturing cells and machine shops will benefit from this industrious Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMM and its thermal compensation, built-in vibration resistance, optional contact analog scanning, and shop-hardened design. The Hexagon 7.10.7 SF does not require shop air which offers operators and shop floor leaders greater flexibility for dimensional inspections, no matter the production stage.

Hexagon 4.5.4 SF 

The Hexagon 4.5.4 SF provides quality insights directly at the point of production. Its compact footprint allows it to rest nearly anywhere on the production floor for a more convenient measuring solution. This machine is ideal for manufacturing cells and machine shops and features built-in vibration resistance, thermal compensation, and optional analog contact scanning.

Its most notable benefit is its flexibility, as it uses standard 110/220-volt outlets and has no need for shop air. Its roll-around stand is designed to fit through a standard door frame and can be relocated wherever precise dimensional inspection is needed. With a Message Light System in place, users are alerted of potential errors instantly.

The Benefits of a Shop Floor CMM 

Today’s manufacturing and production leaders are looking for convenient and accurate measuring solutions without risking their deadlines. Shop floor CMMs are designed with several benefits to enhance efficiency and productivity on the production floor.


Shop floor productivity and costs can be impacted significantly when operators are forced to remove a part from production and transport it to a metrology facility. Shop floor CMMs are designed to be portable so that they can maneuver across the manufacturing floor wherever they’re needed. Their compact footprint allows each machine to fit through standard doors, ensuring production is never compromised.


Manufacturers are looking for ways to gather the data they need quickly and without sacrificing accuracy. Shop floor CMMs have become an essential tool, combining the highest standards of precision with high-speed production. Operators can gauge the measurements of a part while simultaneously allowing it to remain in the production cycle. This results in a more efficient data collection with fewer setups.

Hard Bearings 

Bearings are directly related to the accuracy and continuity of testing. Hard bearings are known to withstand higher loads, and because moisture introduced by shop air is removed, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Sealed & Covered Guide Ways 

Today’s shop floor CMMs offer completely enclosed bearing surfaces and are protected against dirt, damage, and thermal influences. Sealed and covered guide ways ensure the components of the machine are kept secure as the machine is moved from one shop floor location to another.

Real-Time Temperature Compensation 

The fluctuation of temperatures on a production floor can impact the quality of data collected by a CMM. Shop floor CMMs offer real-time temperature compensation to ensure precision and safety during changing conditions on the factory floor. These advancements help users gather the data they need without compromising accuracy and risking damage to the machine.

Optimal Performance 

Through their advanced safety features and robust designs, shop floor CMMs deliver optimal performance and increased flexibility for their operators, which results in more accurate data collection and increased productivity on the production floor.

Professional Maintenance 

Maintaining your shop floor CMM is essential to protecting its components and increasing its longevity. When you purchase or rent a machine from CMMXYZ, you have immediate access to a team of trained metrologists and technicians who are equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to keep your CMM running at its highest level.

How to Maintain a Shop Floor CMM 

Maintenance plays an essential role in protecting and increasing the longevity of your CMM. Shop floor machines require regular maintenance to ensure they can collect the most accurate data. Without it, there are risks of damage and high operating costs.

Checking Controller Filters 

Controller filters should be evaluated every six months and replaced when necessary. These components can overheat when compromised with dust and debris. Ensuring nothing is blocking your filters will ensure they are able to operate safely and won’t damage additional parts of the machine.

Removing Dust 

If your bearings are clogged by dust, the entire performance of the machine can be compromised. Particles found in-between or underneath visible surfaces could lead to inaccurate data collection and cause additional damage to the machine. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and alcohol to ensure dust and dirt are removed from all bearings, and you’ll save significant costs in the future.

Protecting Air Bearings 

Air bearings are one of the most crucial parts of a shop floor CMM and require regular maintenance to function at their highest level. They should be replaced as often as necessary to ensure the rest of the machine is able to function accurately.

Verify Encoder Gaps 

Unverified encoder gaps can result in inconsistencies and inaccurate information, leading to miscalculated measurements. Licensed metrology technicians will ensure your machine’s encoders are optimized and operating accurately and efficiently.

Software Maintenance 

CMMs rely on software to analyze and record their data, and a current software maintenance agreement is an essential component of this process. Through continuous maintenance from a certified technician, each shop floor CMM can collect real-time data without compromising accuracy on the production line.

Who Can Benefit from a Shop Floor CMM? 

Previously, CMMs were primarily kept in metrology labs where they would collect their data and process their results. Today, shop floor CMMs have become a convenient tool for various industries in North America.

Their flexibility and durability are ideal for any manufacturing or production industry that requires accurate data collection without relocating the part. These advanced measurement applications allow these industries to increase productivity and produce essential components to the highest level of accuracy.

Every shop floor CMM provides something unique to its environment, and the conditions of your shop floor will often determine the type of machine and CMM measurement services you require. Advanced machinery and software have transformed various industries to include more innovative and efficient ways of collecting data from a part.


The automotive industry has seen steady growth in recent years, as manufacturers continue to look for more efficient ways to streamline production and increase productivity. Shop floor CMMs have become an integral part of that process. Their flexibility allows the machine to measure a variety of complex parts, from engine components to exterior doors.

Shop floor CMMS can maneuver around as needed, offering innovative services without compromising the efficiency and accuracy of the production line.


The aerospace industry is one of the most complex and dynamic industries and requires metrology equipment that can meet its evolving standards. The increased demand for accurate measurements is directly related to the need for greater fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and lightweight engines.

Shop floor CMMs have been an integral part of these demands, offering a more convenient and flexible way to collect the data manufacturers need to produce these new parts. These robust machines can maneuver throughout the factory, minimizing any loss in productivity and simplifying the overall measurement procedure.


As the medical industry advances, healthcare professionals require metrology equipment that can adapt to their needs. To ensure they can perform safely and accurately, medical devices must be developed from precise data collection.

Shop floor CMMs provide effective solutions to the challenges faced by the medical industry. Their portability is a significant advantage for healthcare technology and equipment manufacturers since they do not need to halt their research to deliver their parts to a stationary metrology facility. Instead, technicians can bring the equipment to them so they can gather the data they need to further their medical advancements.


Energy is an essential part of everyday life, and we are highly dependent on natural gas and electricity for the smallest to most complex tasks. Professionals in the energy industry rely on efficient and accurate CMMs in a similar way. Without them, they are unable to streamline production and maintain their equipment, which can have rippling effects.

Energy companies utilize shop floor CMMs to improve the performance of energy-consuming or energy-producing equipment by maneuvering the machine across the production floor. Their ability to adapt to changing temperatures allows the machine to function appropriately in various environments of the energy sector.

Work with CMMXYZ 

Since 1986, CMMXYZ has been North America’s leading metrology provider, offering quality on and off-site CMM services.

We offer a wide range of coordinate metrology services, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective used CMM machine for sale, inquiring about our advanced training opportunities, or are interested in learning about our repair and calibration services. Our technicians draw from industry experience and a wealth of personal knowledge to provide full-service CMM solutions.

Our inventory of CMMs is among the most esteemed in the industry. Each machine is calibrated regularly to meet the latest industry standards. We’re committed to providing the highest-quality technology and services to clients across North America.

Contact CMMXYZ to learn more about our shop floor CMMS and professional metrology services.

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