TIGO SF is an entirely versatile shop floor CMM developed for the shop-floor, with a combination of robust construction and innovative technology in order to ensure high-accuracy measurement is all types of environments.

The TIGO SF is the ideal CMM for a wide range of small and medium-size parts from all industrial sectors. With the air-free movement, the TIGOSF ensures performance in harsh shop-floor environments. Also, due to its cantilever structure, the TIGO SF is open on three sides, offering optimal accessibility for seamless integration into various production processes. The granite table also provides a dense grid of fixturing holes to make part placement easier.

The controller and PC are housed inside the machine stand, and the monitor and keyboard are positioned on a swivelling arm to minimize the footprint.

The TIGO SF comes equipped with the HP-S-X1C fixed probe but can also be provided with the automatic indexable HH-A-5 or manual index HH-MI-M and touch trigger probes for greater flexibility if necessary. With enhanced structural thermal compensation, the TIGO SF operating temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celcius and can be extended through the XT temperature option.


Measurement Volume:

X: 500 mm
Y: 580 mm
Z: 500 mm

Features and Benefits

   Open Acess Measuring Volume

  • Full accessibility offered by the TIGO SF's three open sides

   Compact Size

  • Best volume to footprint ratio in its class

   Eco Mode

  • Automatically powers down the machine when it stands idle to improve energy efficiency without shutting down

   Messaging Lights

  • LED indicator lights mounted on the Z-axis to allow at-a-glance assessment of the machine and program status

   Scan Pilot

  • Enables accurate measurement of undefined path profiles quickly with minimal setup


  • Uses sensors to monitors the environment and alert user when predefined operating conditions are exceeded


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