What Industry Leading CMM Training Can Do For Your Business

Published by CMMXYZ on February 5, 2021

Regardless of their size or industry, all businesses require proficient onboarding and training processes. After all, onboarding and training equip employees and contractors with the knowledge and resources they need to do their job correctly, effectively, and efficiently. 

The need for adequate training is particularly vital for businesses or individual departments utilizing coordinate measuring machines. Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are complex machines with intricate capabilities and various features. Operators and other team members must get the necessary training to be efficient in the advanced technology to utilize it to its full potential. 

At CMMXYZ, we offer a broad spectrum of industry leading CMM training programs led by CMM machine experts remotely, online, and in person. 

Consider the many ways that CMM training can benefit businesses that utilize CMM technology in any capacity.

The Benefits of CMM Training for Your Business 

CMM training offers both short-term and long-term benefits for businesses. There are various ways that our CMM training courses can help you save your business time and money, and increase its efficiency, quality, of service and overall operations. 

Learn from the Experts 

Get CMM training from industry professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of CMMs and the different CMM softwares available. Our programs are led by professionals who engage with learners online and in class. 

Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that when they invest in CMMXYZ training, their teams are getting taught by leaders in the industry who have a vast knowledge of CMM history and recent and upcoming technology.  

Cost Benefits  

CMM training programs are worth the investment due to how they can help businesses reduce and maximize their related CMM expenses. 

Reduced Human Error: Mistakes, especially in a production process, can be expensive when they lead to reduced productivity or service quality. An operator or worker is less inclined to make mistakes when they have proper training.

Effective and efficient training will help ensure that an operator is equipped to properly utilize a machine to its full capabilities and facilitate efficient, accurate, and repeated measurements for production needs. 

Improved Product & Service Quality: CMM software enables machines to both execute and track measurements accurately and efficiently. That said, new softwares provide improved and new capabilities to these machines that can be challenging to navigate without adequate training. CMMXYZ offers training for different CMM softwares so that operators can learn how to make the most of their software and rationalize the associated prices. 

More Time Effective: The saying time is money rings particularly true in the world of coordinate measurement machines, as these machines can streamline production efforts – when used correctly. Thorough training reduces the time an individual will need to learn how to use a CMM and its software effectively. 

Cross Training: You can make the most of CMM training by having one department lead complete a CMM software or operation training program and then cross-train the rest of the department. 

Long-Lasting Resources: CMMXYZ's programs combine video and text resources that teams can use after a program ends. This means that the information provided can be used in the long-term as a resource for reference or for any future training needs.

Productivity: Training, at a high-level, increases the overall productivity of businesses for various reasons we will outline. IBM saw $30 in increased productivity for every dollar they spent on training initiatives.  

Elevating Used Machines: CMM machines haven't changed much in stature over the years. More so, new and upgraded softwares are developed to improve and build on these machines' capabilities. This is why many will invest in a used CMM machine and elevate it with updated software. Even if your team is proficient in CMM softwares, it is always beneficial to get training when using a machine with an upgraded program and new or improved features. 

Productivity Benefits  

Efficient training can do wonders for your business's productivity. According to Go Gulf, companies that put their employees through training courses boast a 37% higher productivity rate than those that don't. This training is also said to provide businesses with a 21% income increase per employee.

Consider the ways that CMM training can help you streamline your business's workflow and output:

Automation: With the right training, your operators can automate your CMM measurements to conduct and report accurate measurements.

Labour: When an operator has the right training and learns to automate a CMM's functions, it does more than reduce labour costs. It improves a business's overall productivity by giving it the option to redirect this labour to areas where it can be better used.

Reduced Trial & Error: According to Gartner, 70% of employees report that they have not mastered the skills they need to do their jobs. The reality is that learning how to operate a new machine and new software can take time, as it is a learning curve that involves trial and error. However, with training, an individual can reduce their trial and error and be better prepared to use CMMs and their software effectively and productively. 

Better Onboarding Processes: Onboarding, and the training that comes with it, is essential for the long-term success of an employee. According to Unbound, companies with an established onboarding process boast a 50% higher retention rate for new hires. 

CMMXYZ's training helps individuals better understand CMM parts and utilize CMM software for data collection and reporting. Armed with the right CMM training program, you can establish a better onboarding process to ensure new employees or team members are adequately educated and prepared to use CMMs and their software for maximum productivity. 

Flexibility Benefits  

CMMXYZ offers remote training programs that are flexible to different businesses and individuals' needs. There are various ways teams can benefit from the flexibility these programs offer:

Lab Learning: Remote learning doesn't always have to mean learning from home. Remote learning can mean learning from the comfort of a lab or warehouse.

Timing: Having an entire team block the same time off for learning can be challenging as everyone has different responsibilities and time obligations. The benefits of e-learning and remote programs is that they allow team members to learn whenever and wherever is most convenient. 

Since our programs come with downloadable resources you can use at any time, they can also be used later down the road by future team members. This flexibility also means that team members can learn at their own pace and then reconvene afterwards.

Options: CMMXYZ's training programs are incredibly flexible. Not only are they available in class and online, but they are also offered for a wide range of programs ranging from PC-DMIS to Polyworks. Our courses and programs suit varying needs and cover different topics and softwares relevant to the CMM industry. 

Custom Training: If for whatever reason, our outlined programs don't cover what you need in the way you need, we also offer custom CMM training that we personalize to suit your unique needs. 

Culture & Morale Benefits 

Forbes describes morale as “the attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of employees during their association with an organization or a business.” There are many different ways that CMM training can help boost the morale of team members in the workplace:

Heightened Sense of Preparedness & Confidence: Individuals will feel better prepared to take on a new role or task or use a new system when they feel like they have the tools they need to succeed. Training and preparation provide individuals with the sense of security and confidence they need to work effectively.

Less Turnover: When team members feel equipped to do their job correctly and can do so to the best of their ability, they are more likely to want to continue working in the environment. Without adequate training, however, individuals can often feel at a loss, leading to high employee turnover. A study from IBM showed that employees are 12 times more likely to leave a company where they do not feel like they can develop and fulfill their goals. 

It is also worth noting how this can impact a business's finances, as having to rehire and train new employees can be more costly in the long term. According to ShiftELearning, a Right Management study has revealed that, of the organizations they surveyed, nearly 70% said high staff turnover could negatively impact a business's finances. After all, expenses often result from the costs that come with recruiting, hiring and training replacement employees and the costs of paying existing employees overtime to cover one's responsibilities.  

Bonding & Socialization Opportunities: Whether a team leader gets trained and does cross-training or a team trains together, training can help boost the group's morale. Members can work together to apply their training to their specific needs, and members who may not have been in contact otherwise are given a chance to connect better with one another. 

Reduced Injury: Especially in industrial industries, a workplace injury can occur due to individuals not having the training that they need to operate machines properly. Professional training can help individuals be more confident and capable on the shop floor, which can help reduce workplace injury chances. 

Comfortability: Our CMM training programs don't only allow a team to build and grow their knowledge on CMM software. Our programs allow teams to do so in a comfortable environment. This comfortability comes from our training being available for on-site and at-home learning. Linkedin's 2018 Workplace Learning Report revealed that 68% of employees prefer to learn or train in the workplace, with 58% choosing to learn or train at their own speed.

Who Can Benefit from CMM Training  

Various businesses and individuals can benefit from investing in a CMM training program. Our programs are well suited to many, including the following: 

New Operators 

New operators can benefit from our programs covering the basic essentials of CMMs and CMM software like PC-DMIS. For example, we offer PC-DIMIS training at varying levels to suit individuals’ different experiences and needs.

Teams & Departments

Our training programs are available to individuals and entire teams and departments. You can engage in our CMM programs either on-site, virtually, or in-class. It is highly beneficial for teams to train together as it ensures all members have the same training and background, helps them remain on the same page, and allows them to brainstorm and support one another. 

Experienced individuals  

CMM training is not only for those new to the industry or technology. Individuals who already have experience with different CMMs and CMM software can use our courses as a refresher or build on their existing knowledge, especially if they are looking to train others.

Make the Most of Your CMM Training 

CMM training programs can be a long-term investment for your business. Consider how you can make the most of your CMM training program: 

  • Use the training video and text resources as reference points
  • Utilize training resources for cross training purposes
  • Implement training as part of your onboarding process
  • Plan for annual or bi-annual training to maintain and build on your team’s existing knowledge

CMM Buying, Training & Services with CMMXYZ  

CMMXYZ offers a full spectrum of CMM services, making it a one-stop-shop for all things related to coordinate measurement machines. We are ISO certified, and are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our customers. 

We buy, sell, retrofit, calibrate and repair different types of CMMs, offer measuring services, and host a wide selection of in class, online and remote CMM training courses. Our training programs cover different CMM basics, advanced operations, how to use CMM software programs, and more. If you require CMM training outside what we are offering, contact us about getting a customized training source. 

Whether you are looking to make a purchase, require measuring services, or are interested in our educational programs, we can help. Get in touch with CMMXYZ today regarding any and all of your CMM needs.

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