Benefits of CMM E-Learning

Published by CMMXYZ on November 1, 2013

Training is becoming the biggest single issue when it comes to software competency today. Companies cannot spare valuable personnel to take a week or two away for CMM software training. What happens when they get back? Do they remember everything? It’s a known fact that only 20% of training course content is remembered by returning employees (this applies to any software training).  Another issue is that the employee must regularly use the software.  What happens if he is an occasional user, perhaps once a week for five hours?  It becomes a bigger problem If the employee leaves or is promoted, then the company must reinvest in another training course.

The answer is CMM E-Learning.  E-Learning allows any individual to train at his or her pace without leaving the factory.  It allows individuals that have been trained already, to take a refresher course online and also consult the comprehensive library to brush up on individual software features.  In fact many customers use it as a tutorial for individual measurement problems right on site!

Our CMM E-Learning courses are Internet-based and allow users to view the course at their own convenience.  Quizzes are available for each section allowing the student to feel confident that they have fully understood the concepts learned.  A comprehensive FAQ library, including valuable reference material is also available.  Upon completion of each course a training certificate is issued to the registered user, in fact, many companies find it valuable to train several people on the use of their Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) or Measurement Arm.  It’s a good insurance policy, especially when trained personnel take vacation or are off sick.

Find out about CMM E-Learning today, it will save you money, and ensure you will have fully trained staff to run your Coordinate Measuring Machine at all times.

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