ACR3 Change Rack

Renishaw's ACR3 is a fast, automatic probe CMM change rack that requires no requalification. The ACR2 uses Renishaw's unique autojoint connector, which attaches probes and extensions to the PH10M and PH10MQ motorised indexing heads.

The autochange system consists of four ports.Two of the ports can be linked together so that eight different probes or extensions can be stored simultaneously in the rack.

All locking and unlocking of the autojoints between the probe and the probe head is done by a passive mechanism within the system. The motion of the CMM is also used to drive the change process, meaning that no additional motors or control are required

The ACR3 is part of Renishaw's MRS modular rack system. Therefore, the ACR3 unit can be combined with an FCR25 module change rack for SP25M scanning probe, or with SCP600 stylus change ports for the SP600M scanning probe. The ACR3 can also support a range of sensors from Renishaw and other metrology suppliers.

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