FCR25 Change Rack

The FCR25 change rack offers a range of module changing systems. It is flexible and is suitable for automated changing of SP25M scanning and touch-trigger modules.

-  SM25 scanning modules

-  TM25-20 TTP module adaptor

-  SH25 scanning stylus holders

-  TP20 modules

FCR25-Triple port unit suitable for fitment to the MRS modular rack system.

FCR25-L3 - 3-port stand-alone unit for smaller CMMs and optical CMMs.

FCR25-L6 - 6-port stand-alone unit for smaller CMMs and optical CMMs.

FCR25 port adaptor insert kit - PA25-SH and PA25-20 inserts to store SH25-# stylus holders or TP20 probe modules.

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