The Used Hexagon Absolute Arm, previously known as the ROMER Arm, is more than a metrology tool. It’s a versatile metrology solution that analyzes and digitizes at an advanced rate. The flexibility of this portable scanning arm enables it to measure components that are much larger than the arm’s measuring span by leapfrogging around larger components.

At CMMXYZ, we offer a selection of used portable measuring arms, including Hexagon (ROMER) Arms. With its stable carbon fiber structure and innovative absolute encoders, this CMM is one of the most trusted 3D measuring tools available.

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About the Used Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm

The Hexagon Absolute Arm uses inspiration and resources from the entire Hexagon product family. It also contains certain elements and characteristics from previous-generation ROMER arms.

Hexagon Arms, formerly known as ROMER Portable Arms, are the most versatile CMM product currently available. Not only do we supply the probing-only model but also the popular integrated scanning system. The portable CMM arm with an integrated scanning system allows inspection on the shop floor using a probe and the ability to scan complex services, reverse engineer, and collect thousands of data points per second. This is ideal for complex dye work, models, sheet metal, and plastic injection molded components.

This all-new portable CMM is the lightest, most accurate and most flexible Absolute Arm to be placed on the market. Specifically, the accuracy of the arm is the most powerful specification of this product. The arm features proprietary absolute encoders in its primary axes, so the arm always “knows” the position of its joints. Therefore, it will perform accurately — every time. Much more than just a metrology tool; its value lies in its versatility.

Portability, stability, lightweight and high-performance laser scanners make the Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm an all-purpose 3D measurement, analysis and digitizing tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere and with minimum CMM training.

Hexagon ROMER Arm Features & Benefits

The Hexagon Absolute Arm was designed to add versatility and efficiency to shop floors worldwide. This CMM arm can be used in a wide range of environments thanks to its portable structure, high-performing scanners, and additional innovative features.

Patented Infinite Rotation

Patented Infinite Rotation (in the principle axes) allows easy access to areas which are challenging to reach. This feature also avoids any damage to the arm as a result of rotational hard stops.

Kinematic Probe Joint

Kinematic Probe Joint offers the repeatable connection of probes - with no need for recalibration. This feature allows the user to store hundreds of calibrated probe profiles within the system for instant recall.

Compact Head

Compact Head inspects parts or can be used to interact with the CMM program when it's in "mouse mode." This area is easy to hold, and the integrated work light and digital camera allow the user to graphically document set-ups to keep track throughout the project.

CPatented SpinGrips

Patented SpinGrips allow the user to experience better user ergonomics as a result of the infinitely rotating, low-friction "approved" handhold positions. SpinGrips also allows the arm to easily "float" in the operator's hands, reducing stress on the arm and maximizing accuracy and repeatability.

Absolute Encoders

Absolute Encoders improve general accuracy and remove all complicated "homing" procedures that the user can experience.

Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Tubes

Aerospace grade Carbon Fiber Tubes offer a thermally stable, lightweight, stiff structure.

Low Profile Zero-G Counterbalance

Low Profile Zero-G Counterbalance balances the arm's weight for easy operation with effortless control - even above and below the arm's centerline. Improved ergonomics results in lower operator fatigue and improved measuring results.

Feature Packs

Feature Packs plug into the base and provide interchangeable and upgradeable add-on capabilities. These include but are not limited to WiFi connection, battery power, and much more.

Laser Scanning

The Absolute’s industrial 3D laser scanners capture geometric surfaces with advanced accuracy for unparalleled large-scale measurements and efficient data collection.


Hexagon’s ROMER data service is a dynamic software designed to communicate with its portable measuring arm, calculate probe positions and troubleshoot issues with ease.


SmartLock allows users to lock their CMM’s portable arm in their desired position. This facilitates streamlined inspections and measurements in physically-limited spaces.

Measurement Volume

With a measurement volume of up to 1.2 metres plus available certifications, Hexagon’s Absolute Arm is designed to produce accurate data in tight spaces.

Universal Thread Mount Base

Universal thread mount base attaches to a wide selection of base and stand options, including magnetic bases.

Feature Pack Options for 6-Axis Absolute Arms

  • Mobility Pack: A rechargeable battery and WiFi transmitter allows complete wireless use of the Absolute Arm.
  • "No Pack" Option: The Absolute Arm is completely functional without a feature pack, using a 110/220v power connection.



Frequently Asked Questions About Hexagon (ROMER) Arms


What is a Hexagon arm?

The Hexagon arm is a portable coordinate measuring machine that’s designed to perform 3D laser scanning and tactical probing. This type of CMM collects data and measurements directly on the manufacturing floor, making it an efficient, versatile and accurate metrology solution.

Hexagon arms are available in three core models — Absolute Arm 6-Axis, Absolute Arm 7-Axis, and the RS6 Laser Scanner.

How does the Hexagon arm work?

Absolute Arms can use integrated or external scanners. Unlike many other metrology devices, the Absolute Arm does not require warm-up time or initialization, thanks to its stable carbon fiber structure and industry-leading Absolute encoders. Simply take the measuring arm to the part, switch it on and start measuring.

What Used Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arms does CMMXYZ offer?

CMMXYZ offers a large selection of Hexagon used (ROMER) portable CMM measuring arms, including

The Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The Absolute Arm 7-Axis is the all-in-one choice for versatile portable 3D measurement. With its flagship AS1 scanner, carbon fiber construction, and visual feedback functions, this CMM measuring arm delivers high-end 3D scanning and digitization.

The Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm 6-Axis

The Absolute Arm 6-Axis is the right choice for optimized portable probing. Its design includes configurable grip sizes and shapes and a portable measuring arm that can withstand even the toughest shop floor environments.

RS6 Laser Scanner

With the RS6 Laser Scanner, experience Hexagon (ROMER)’s flagship 3D scanning sensor and advanced characteristics, including blue-laser light and Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination. Its 3D scanning capabilities offer zero degradation, regardless of the finish or material-type. These features make the RS6 one of the most versatile scanning robot arms on the market.

Who invented the portable arm?

The patent for the ROMER arm was filed in 1974 by Homer Eaton, the co-founder of ROMER. Prior to that there were several iterations that differed physically from the ROMER arm patent.

When did Hexagon buy ROMER?

Hexagon acquired metrology provider ROMER Cimcore Inc. in August of 2004. The acquisition included Hexagon adapting its software — PC DMIS — to work for ROMER’S CMM equipment. With this new addition, Hexagon was able to strengthen their position amongst a rapidly-growing metrology industry, specifically in the articulated arms market.

What is the accuracy of the Hexagon (ROMER) arm?

The Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm is central to metrology measurements. Several extensive tests are conducted to determine the accuracy level of each model, ensuring users can feel confident with their machine’s accuracy capabilities.

Point Repeatability Test

A repeatability test is designed to evaluate how repeatable measurement results are under a set of specific conditions. When performing a point repeatability test, it’s important to ensure data is collected using the same equipment, operator, and environmental conditions.

Volumetric Accuracy Test

This test requires a CMM to perform five different-length measurements in seven directions. Its purpose is to give an indication of the arm’s ability to measure data points in the specific part of the volume in which the test has been executed.

Scanning System Accuracy Test

This test is an analysis of the CMM’s ability to perform length measurements and determine the accuracy of said measurements. The results indicate whether or not a scanning system is capable of conducting basic coordinate measurements.


A CMM certification confirms that your CMM arm and laser arm scanner are performing to the current ISO standards and are able to deliver superior quality and accuracy.

How much does a Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm cost?

The cost of a Hexagon Arm will often vary depending on numerous factors, including whether you’re purchasing a new or used CMM.

At CMMXYZ, we offer a selection of both new and used Hexagon CMMs and CMM arm pieces, priced fairly and competitively. Our metrology specialists will work with you to determine your measuring requirements and help you to secure a Hexagon Arm scanner within your budget.

How to purchase a Used Hexagon (ROMER) CMM from CMMXYZ

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Our metrology specialists will work with you to determine your metrology needs and take you through our new and used CMM inventory to find the ideal portable measuring arm for your shop floor.

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