Used Machine Rebuilds

Published by CMMXYZ on July 6, 2015

Here at Canadian Measurement-Metrology, one of the things that we do is rebuild used machines. Essentially, customers end up with a new machine in an old exterior.

We have two ways of rebuilding used machines. We can build a machine to customer requirements, or CMM builds one and then sells it. One of the best aspects of a customer rebuild, is the customer gets exactly what they want (with the latest technology), at a lower price than a new machine. The amount of new technology that can go into a pre owned coordinate measuring machine is amazing.

With a custom order pre owned CMM, the customer can choose what scales and encoders they would like based on their unique needs. In encoders we can even offer low voltage models for less power consumption.

At CMM we also put on new controllers, and check hardware and software compatibility before the machine leaves our facility. New air bearings are also inspected, as well as wiring to make sure you get practically brand new machine in a vintage exterior.

Ascetic touches are not overlooked.  CMM also repaints covers to provide customers with a reliable, good looking machine.  

At CMM we inspect every aspect of the Pre-Owned machine and custom rebuild the machine to your requirements or tell us what you want to do and we will design it for you, at a competitive price.

For more information on used CMM or our custom solutions, contact us today.

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