Published by CMMXYZ on March 23, 2015

A company that spans all over the globe, Renishaw specializes in measurement, spectroscopy, motion control, and precision machining. We take pride in offering each and every one of our customer’s innovative products that are unique to their company’s operational performance. For example, the products can improve the effectiveness of medical procedures, positively refine product quality, make the most out of research capabilities, and much more.

Furthermore, Renishaw products can be used in a variety of different environments and in many different fields of work. For instance, they can be used diverse applications such as co-ordinate measurement, machine tool automation, Raman spectroscopy, additive manufacturing, gauging, CAD/CAM dentistry, shape memory alloys, stereotactic neurosurgery, large scale surveying, and medical diagnostics.

The following is a detailed overview of our industrial metrology range of products. 

CMM probes, software and retrofits

Are you looking for fast, accurate results with an exceptional level of performance? Renishaw produces the world's leading range of touch-trigger and scanning measurement systems, which are specifically designed for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). We also offer the new and revolutionary Renscan5™ 5-axis scanning technology – which is the biggest step forward in measurement capability that Renishaw has ever introduced. It achieves unparalleled levels of throughput while maintaining present levels of metrology.

Machine tool probes and software

With Renishaw probe solutions, get ready to save time, reduce scrap materials and perform at a high level of effectiveness. On top of these advantages, you can also reduce set-up time by up to 90%, improve your overall process control and stay competitive. Renishaw also provides solutions for tool setting, component set-up, in-cycle gauging, broken tool detection, and first-off inspection of parts (with automatic offset updates).


If you’re looking for a multipurpose alternative to custom gauging, then the Renishaw Equator is your answer.  The new patented Equator™ gauging system lowers purchase, maintenance and fixture costs. Thanks to its unique design, it can also be pre-programmed for multiple parts and re-programmed in mere minutes for design changes. It’s that easy, and it’s no wonder that the Renishaw Equator is being used by companies around the globe as their new gauge of choice.

Styli for touch probes

Renishaw also offers a complete range of precision-engineered styli and stylus accessories, to make your projects easier and deliver more accurate results. To ensure maximum measurement accuracy, styli and touch probes should be used in conjunction with Renishaw's CMM devices, CMM scanning probes, machine tool and sensors from other manufacturers.

At Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc., we make it our mission to surpass your every need and to make sure your company’s operational performance includes efficiency, accuracy and throughput. Looking for more information? To learn more about Renishaw and the products that we offer, contact us for a pricing query

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