Renishaw REVO

Renishaw Revo

Transform Your Measurement Capabilities with the Renishaw REVO 5-Axis System

Advanced Precision Engineering for Comprehensive Metrology Solutions

Experience Unmatched Speed, Accuracy, and Flexibility

The REVO 5-axis measurement system integrates high-performance scanning, non-contact inspection, and detailed surface finish analysis into a single dynamic system. Whether you want to enhance an existing setup or consider a new installation, the REVO system is your answer to advanced metrological requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Achieve 15% to 50% cycle time savings compared to traditional systems.
  • High-Speed Measurement: Operate at speeds up to 500 mm/sec and data collection rates up to 4,000 points per second, drastically increasing part throughput.
  • Superior Accuracy: Minimize dynamic errors with 5-axis scanning, significantly reducing stylus wear thanks to extremely low scanning forces.

Multi-Sensor Capability:

  • RSP Series Probes: From the dedicated lightweight RSP2 for 2D scanning and 3D-touch trigger measurement to the versatile RSP3 range, our probes are tailored to meet complex scanning needs, including deep bore and large part inspection.
  • SFP2 Probe: Seamlessly integrates surface finish inspection into your measurement routine, switching effortlessly between scanning and surface finish capabilities.
  • RVP and RFP1 Probes: Expand your inspection capabilities with non-contact inspection options suitable for delicate or complex shapes.

Streamlined Calibration and Retrofitting:

  • Quick Calibration: Spend less time calibrating with the REVO-2’s simple, practical calibration technique—reduce traditional calibration times significantly, allowing for more time measuring and less time setting up.
  • Retrofitting Made Easy: Upgrade your current CMM with the REVO system, maximizing your investment and enhancing measurement capabilities without the need for complete equipment overhaul.

Ultimate Control and Flexibility:

  • Renishaw UCC S5 Controller: At the heart of our 5-axis system, the UCC S5 provides unique motion commands and synchronization for unrivaled 5-axis metrology capability.
  • Flexible Tip-Sensing: Improves system accuracy and performance, allowing for precise measurements even in hard-to-reach areas.

Expand Your Measurement Horizons Retrofitting your CMM with the Renishaw REVO system means upgrading to state-of-the-art technology and securing a future where your measurement processes are quicker, more accurate, and infinitely more efficient. Embrace the power of 5-axis technology and witness significant improvements in throughput and reduced capital investment.


Revo System Probe Options

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