Renishaw Equator

The Renishaw Equator is the best choice for evaluating multiple parts from a part of reference. It's compact size and competitive cost make it an ideal piece of CMM equipment for your manufacturing facility.

Equator is a lightweight, highly repeatable CMM fixturing gauge that manufacturers can use on the shop floor with pushbutton ease. Switching between parts in a matter of seconds is absolutely no problem for the Equator. It's perfect for shop floor CMMs, automated manufacturing processes or accepting parts from multiple machines.

Expensive custom parts are not required as the coordinate measure machine can establish variation from CAD on any of your components. Simply download the DMIS file to the Equator, and run the CMM software.

The fixturing also allows for fast exchange of component holding fixtures to within one millimeter of the initial mastering and does not affect the precision of the system. The onboard software is easy to use and allows modifications directly on the Equator without going back to the CMM.

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