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Published by CMMXYZ on February 25, 2015

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence specializes in providing customers with a comprehensive range of products and services for industrial metrology. Specifically, the products and services we offer are relative to the automotive, aerospace, energy and medical fields.  Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence takes pride in supporting each and every customer with verifiable measurement information throughout the entire life cycle of a product – this includes the development and design to the production, assembly and final inspection. Here is an overview of some of the products that we are known for:

Small & Medium CMM

Hexagon's small and medium class Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) allow the user to three-dimensionally measure small and medium-sized parts. In return, this eliminates future errors related to accuracy and performance. Small and medium sized CMM’s also allow the user to efficiently generate part programs directly from CAD models.

No matter which industry you’re working in, this classification of coordinate measuring machines will offer you repeated results where accuracy is required. You will also experience an increase in quality and an improvement in the overall measurement process. Whether you are searching for a model suitable for entry-level use, or you have vast experience using CMM’s in the past, you can rest assured knowing that Hexagon Metrology has the products you require, to get your job done with ease.

Large CMM

Hexagon's largest stationary gantry and bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer you advanced performance that is superior to others that can be found on the market. Made from strong and robust materials, while offering a stable structure and the highest amount of accuracy on the production floor, it’s no wonder that these CMM’s have such a strong reputation in the marketplace.

Large CMM’s act as a standalone system, with no other machines being necessary to perform the task at hand.  They can also be used as a station in a production cell. These machines are specially formatted to be used in the aerospace industry, defense, ship building and the power generation industry for three-dimensional measurements on large components and assemblies.

Horizontal Arms

Hexagon's horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer a long list of advantages for users. Offering an efficient and unique design, the Horizontal Arm offers an open structure that can be used to ease loading and unloading. With outstanding flexibility, users can also enjoy convenient and easy access to workspiece. Lastly, Horizontal CMMs can also be combined as a component to an automated production. A large number of applications are concealed with different designs and fluctuating price-performance classes.

Shop Floor CMMs

With hectic and cluttered shop floor conditions, it poses numerous challenges when it comes to getting accurate measurement results in fast-paced working environment. In fact, sometimes it seems like these results are nearly impossible to obtain. However, in order to solve this issue, specialized shop floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon can lend a helping hand. Initiative and efficient, these specially formulated CMM’s allow operators to inspect parts with point-and-click ease.

Furthermore, products in this class maintain high accuracy even in the toughest working conditions; whether you are working with large temperature ranges, harsh environmental conditions, vibration or dirt, the superior performance and accuracy will always be intact. 

Laser Tracker Systems

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of accuracy, reliability and durability in a portable coordinate measuring machine – look no further than a Laser Tracker System from Hexagon. These unique coordinate measuring machines use a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect the spherical volume of up to 160 m [525 ft]. In turn, this offers rapid and highly accurate measurements which lead to future cost savings and an overall improvement on quality.

Portable Measuring Arms

Hexagon’s Portable Measuring Arms offer ease and durability, conveniently allowing the user to take measurements directly in the manufacturing floor. As a result, the user no longer needs to tolerate prolonged installation times – instead they can enjoy simplicity of operation and reliable 3D measurements. Offering a unique design, these CMM’s boast articulated arms, which can be adjusted to various length probes and scan heads to measure points that are difficult to access, either optically or by touch.

Hexagon Metrology proudly boats the largest variety and selection of new and used CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines). Our company is the leading supplier in North America, brining years of vast experience to each and every customer that we serve. We make it our mission to surpass your every need, before and after your CMM system delivery.

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