PH6 / PH6M Vertical Probe Head

PH6 Vertical Probe Head

The PH6 is a compact, vertical CMM probe head. It has one M8 thread probe mount and an autojoint connector, for probes and adaptors. With a small diameter, the PH6 is shank mounted, has a choice of integral cables and is also easy to install

Weight 48 g
Probe mounting M8 thread
No. of probe sockets 1
Probe status indication 1 LED
Cable connection Integral cable
PH6M Vertical Probe Head

Meanwhile, the PH6M is a fixed head with an autojoint connector for probes and adaptors. It is compatible with multiwired probes TP7M, OTP6M and SP600M, as well as the complete Renishaw probe range through the use of the PA series of adaptors.

Weight 160 g
No. of probe sockets 1 autojoint
Probe status indication 1 LED
Cable connection Micro 'D' connector
Repeatability of position 1 µm (0.00004 in) autojoint
Maximum extension bar 300 mm

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