TP7M Touch Probe

The TP7M is suitable for high accuracy part measurement. It provides extraordinary precision and eliminates lobing errors and reseat errors.

The TP7M probe is an electronic touch-trigger probe that uses strain gauge technology, which offers a much longer life than kinematic touch trigger probes. The probe is 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter with autojoint mounting.

The TP7M incorporates a multi-wired autojoint connection. It is compatible with the PH10M/PH10MQ motorised headsPH6M fixed probe head, plus the range of multi-wired extension bars (PEM).

Specification summary


Principle application FMS and automated systems. Universal DCC and manual CMMs.
Sense direction 6-axis: ±X, ±Y, ±Z
3D accuracy (test to ISO 10360 Pt 2) N/A
Unidirectional repeatability(2s µm) Trigger level 1:  0.25 µm (0.00001 in)

Trigger level 2:  0.25 µm (0.00001 in)

XY (2D) form measurement deviation Trigger level 1:  ±0.25 µm (0.00001 in)

Trigger level 2:  ±0.50 µm (0.00002 in)

XYZ (3D) form measurement deviation Trigger level 1:  ±0.50 µm (0.00002 in)

Trigger level 2:  ±1 µm (0.00004 in)

Trigger force (at stylus tip) XY plane:  0.02 N
Z axis:  0.15 N
Overtravel force XY plane:  0.78 N
Z axis:  11.75 N
Weight 85 g (3 oz)
Maximum extension (if on a PH10 series head) 200 mm (7.87 in)
Maximum recommended stylus length (M4 styli range) 150 mm (5.91 in) steel - 180 mm (7.09 in) GF
Mounting method Multiwired autojoint
Suitable interface PI 7-2
Automatic probe changing Autochange rack
Stylus range M4

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