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    DEA Global eXtra

DEA Global eXtra

The DEA GLOBAL eXtra was created and tailored to meet the dimensional inspection demands of plastic, sheet metal and glass and other components found on shop-room floors that have similar dimensions.

The DEA GLOBAL eXtra meets shop floor requirements with the use of a bellows cover to protect against airborne contamination.The bellows cover also enables forced air circulation under work tables allowing for slight variations of temperature as well as accommodates greater geometric conditions that can affect the CMM structure.

The Tricision bridge structure is proven to provide superiormetrological and dynamic performance. The design of the DEA GLOBAL eXtra allows it to easily accommodate automated material handling systems. For increased usability, the machine is compatible with the DEA CW43L continuous rotary wrist and the FIVE U-nique flexible fixturing system.

DEA Global eXtra CMMs are made by Hexagon Metrology SpA, branded DEA, and is available in the following sizes:

  • 20.33.15
  • 20.40.15
  • 20.33.18
  • 20.40.18