µ Micron II

Introducing the µ Micron II Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM): A Revolution in Precision Measurement


Enhance your precision measurement capabilities with the µ Micron II Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), a cost-effective solution engineered for superior speed and accuracy. Our innovative µ Micron II CMM is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing environments, offering unparalleled stability, precision, and versatility.

  • Triangular Bridge Design for Ultimate Stability

     The µ Micron II CMM distinguishes itself with a revolutionary triangular bridge design. This unique feature significantly lowers the center of gravity along the x and z axes, ensuring ultimate stability during measurement tasks. This design enhances measurement accuracy and contributes to the machine's overall reliability and durability.

  • Homogenous Granite Platform for Thermal Stability

     In a departure from conventional systems that employ a mix of aluminium, steel, and ceramic for their bearing ways, the µ Micron II CMM boasts a completely homogenous granite platform. This granite construction provides exceptional thermal stability, essential for maintaining measurement precision under varying temperature conditions. The Y-Axis guide rail, crafted from all-granite in a dovetail construction, is integral to the machine base, further ensuring maximum long-term stability and reliability.

  • Renishaw 5-axis Technology for Fast Throughput

     Equipped with Renishaw's cutting-edge 5-axis technology, the µ Micron II CMM delivers fast throughput without sacrificing precision. This advanced technology enables the machine to perform up to 4 times faster than conventional systems, significantly reducing measurement time and increasing productivity.



  • Renishaw's UCC Controllers for Maximum Maintainability

     The µ Micron II CMM incorporates Renishaw's UCC controllers, renowned for their maximum maintainability. The UCC controllers feature the innovative I++ protocol, allowing seamless integration with most software products. This flexibility ensures that your CMM can adapt to various measurement applications and software environments.

  • Versatile Size Range to Fit Your Needs

    Understanding that manufacturing needs vary, we offer the µ Micron II CMM in a full range of sizes. Whether you require compact dimensions for smaller components or larger sizes for expansive projects, there is a µ Micron II model to fit your specific requirements.

The µ Micron II CMM represents a leap forward in coordinate measuring machine technology, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking faster, more accurate measurement capabilities. Its unique design, combined with state-of-the-art technology from Renishaw, ensures that you can achieve the highest levels of precision and efficiency in your measurement processes. Explore the benefits of the µ Micron II CMM and elevate the quality and accuracy of your manufacturing operations.



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