How To Choose The Right CMM Measurement Service For You

Published by CMMXYZ on December 15, 2021

Production cycles always change, and it’s essential that your equipment be able to keep up with these demands. When you’re faced with complex measurement requirements or need to streamline your entire process, you need three components to measure any part accurately — a robust CMM measuring machine, a trained technician with the appropriate certifications, and a space where professional measurements can take place.

At CMMXYZ, we provide on and off-site CMM measurement services to clients across North America. We have provided industry-leading metrology services for over 30 years, and our certified technicians specialize in a host of metrological services, ranging from complex dimensional measurements to advanced reverse engineering.

What are CMM Measurement Services? 

CMM measurement techniques are designed to optimize the production process and increase productivity and accuracy on the shop floor. Using leading metrology machinery and software, our measurement services provide efficient solutions to the current challenges facing any industry.

Measurement solutions use a combination of quality machinery and software, trained technicians, and dedicated spaces to carry out the appropriate measurements for any geometric object.

Types of CMM Measurement Services 

Quality CMM measurement services are a culmination of accurate equipment and software, certified metrologists, and an on or off-site space to collect the appropriate data. That said, there are different types of measurement services and approaches to measuring that are available to suit the various production needs of different businesses.

Dimensional Measurement 

Dimensional measurement is used to confirm if the components of an object fit together by quantifying their size, shape, lengths, and angles. Understanding the dimensions of a part will ensure your current production process is producing the appropriate component.

If your process is showing signs of complications or inaccuracy, it can be challenging to determine which dimensional coordinates are causing the problem. Our dimensional measurement solutions involve checking all essential areas point-by-point in order to determine any non-conforming areas.

Our technicians collect the drawing and your physical part and identify any issues that need to be remedied. We use a CMM to physically measure the part or a non-contact method capable of making a 2D or 3D rendering.

Dimensional measurement services are ideal for any industry producing safety-based structures like the automotive and aerospace industries. The body of the car or the wing of a plane must be able to match their aerodynamic measurements in order to perform their duties safely.

Reverse Engineering 

Reverse engineering is used in manufacturing sectors to help manufacturers understand the ins and outs of their processes and to assist their efforts to produce cheaper products than the current inventory on the market.

The process of reverse engineering is used to pinpoint the properties of a three-dimensional object. Metrologists create a comprehensive and clear analysis of the part’s structure and functions. Starting with the end result, technicians deconstruct the object in order to complete specific assessments and measurements.

Using accurate CMM programming, we produce two or three-dimensional drawings from the original production parts. When the process is complete, our certified metrologists present their findings to our clients so they can better understand the nuances and details of their parts.

Customized Measurement Solutions 

Any industry that produces consumer and commercial goods can experience complex problems within production. When these problems become too complex, a free phone or on-site consultation can help identify any obstacles preventing streamlined production.

Our custom measurement services are designed to help clients identify their metrology needs with three key solutions:

Investigative Metrology

When processes are failing, but the root cause cannot be identified, our certified metrology specialists will discuss the issues at hand and create a plan of action to ensure you have the measurements you need to improve production.

First Off Inspection

To stay ahead of our clients’ competition, we offer first-off inspection services, which involve putting the initial parts that are produced through a rigorous inspection to identify the quality of production. This service helps increase the sophistication of your parts so you can meet current consumer and commercial demands.

Over or Under-Sized Part Measurement

Our certified services can measure the most complex parts, from wind turbines to medical devices. We specialize in objects with specialized handling requirements, including nuclear components.

Marine Engineering 

Naval engineering requires the most accurate measurements in order to ensure safe ship operations. We provide a quality-driven marine engineering process with three important components:

3D Scanning

We provide accurate 3D scanning to ensure our clients have everything they need to help them make swift and effective decisions as their technology and production evolves.


Archival services are designed to collect specific items and areas during the building and retrofitting processes. This provides future reference points for marine engineering specialists.

Spatial Scanning

The process of spatial scanning gives the client the ability to view the interior and exterior 3D scans during the build process. This allows all participants to engage with real-time progress and identify potential problems before they arise.

Contract Programming 

Manufacturing and production companies that have CMMs on-site can benefit from professional CMM programming services. When trained technicians carry out the programming aspects, your workers can concentrate on running the parts themselves.

We use industry-leading equipment and software to ensure your existing programs are running efficiently, reducing runtime without sacrificing the quality of the inspection. Even if your machine is over 30 years old, we’ll program your CMM to be compatible with the industry’s leading software, so you never have to lose accuracy in your measurements.

On-Site Services 

Any company or shop floor that requires professional measurements but does not have the equipment on-hand can benefit from on-site measurement services. Our CMM measurement equipment rental services allow you to leverage the latest metrology equipment without hindering production. We’ll bring our machines to you and tailor our services to meet your turnaround and budget.

Why are CMM Measurement Services Important? 

Professional CMM measurement services help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your production process as industries become more advanced.

These services are designed to collect and analyze data, which helps manufacturers identify opportunities to streamline their processes and remedy any problems that arise, quickly and efficiently. Through dimensional inspections, reverse engineering, and contract programming, our CMM measurement services provide real-time solutions.

When to Use CMM Measurement Services 

Certified CMM measuring services are designed to offer comprehensive solutions to common problems that occur in the manufacturing and production industries. There are three key reasons why our clients choose these services, including:

Necessary Inspections 

When precise measurement data is available, manufacturers can ensure their process produces the correct part at the correct size. Dimensional inspection services can determine any non-conforming areas that can be addressed before severely impacting the production cycle.

When Problems Need Solutions 

In many cases, manufacturers face problems that they’re unable to solve independently or identify without the help of trained technicians. Professional measuring services can offer a customized approach to problem-solving using the latest metrology equipment.

Working Backwards 

Knowing where you stand presently can often help determine the next steps. From vintage reconstruction to program updates and volumetric analysis, reverse engineering is a sought-after component of CMM measuring services that allow manufacturers to work backwards to determine how to move forward more accurately and efficiently.

What to Consider When Choosing CMM Measuring Services 

As manufacturing becomes more advanced, all major industries are tasked with identifying clear and concise ways to improve productivity without sacrificing quality or costs. Professional CMM measuring services have often been the key to streamlining processes safely and effectively, though there are important factors to consider before requesting trained metrology technicians.

Size of Object 

The size of the object in question could determine the type of CMM your company needs. If you’re working with a complex object that cannot be moved — from a wind turbine to a motor engine component — you may benefit from a portable CMM, which can be transferred from location to location to collect data without the object itself being removed from its station.

If an object can travel, a gantry CMM is a robust stationary machine that provides a stable structure and can measure objects with the highest accuracy.


Your timeframe will have a significant impact on the type of measuring services you’re able to request. Contract programming services allow trained technicians to program your CMM when you don’t have the time or expertise to do so. Solutions such as reverse engineering, on the other hand, may take more time before the final rendering is complete and should be kept in mind when requesting professional CMM services.


Understanding the level of accuracy you need will help you identify the type of CMM services that are best suited for your company. Requesting a free consultation is the most effective way to discuss your CMM needs and the accuracy levels for any collected data, so professional technicians can assess which machine would be most appropriate for your needs.


It’s important to consider the location of the object that requires professional measuring services. If the object in question is a critical part of production or cannot be relocated even temporarily, on-site services will be the most appropriate course of action since technicians can use portable CMMs to collect data without disrupting the flow of production.

If more extensive work is needed and the object is able to be removed from the factory floor, it may be beneficial to look into off-site services, where a certified metrology provider like CMMXYZ can utilize its full resources to measure the object with its robust stationary CMMs.

The Benefits of CMM Measurement Services 

CMMs offer a long list of benefits to manufacturers across all major industries, from aerospace to healthcare. With the help of trained technicians, any company can take advantage of the data collection and measurement capabilities of new and used CMM machines.

Precise Measurements 

CMMs use probes and/or lasers to collect data points from complex objects with the highest level of accuracy and precision. With minimal operator influence and regular calibration, there is a reduced margin of error involved.

Increased Productivity 

Manufacturers can use the data their CMM has collected to determine if any production areas can be streamlined. The ability to increase productivity is directly related to their ability to produce more parts without sacrificing quality.


CMMs can adapt to any factory setting and aren’t exclusive to a particular task. This flexibility allows manufacturers and shop floor leaders to achieve their specific configuration, programming, and measurement needs within their desired timeframe and budget.

What to Look for in Professional CMM Measurement Services 

When it comes to CMM measurement services, professional metrology providers will have the tools and resources you need to gather your desired data. Investing in specialized CMM services saves time and money and ensures that any data you receive or CMM software upgrade is as accurate as possible.

Customized Solutions 

Because no two situations are the same, professional metrologists will provide a range of customizable services that cater to your CMM needs. Whether you need to reverse engineer a vintage artifact or streamline your shipbuilding efforts, look for a metrology company to accommodate your particular requests.

Certified Technicians 

To ensure the data you’re receiving is accurate, you need trained metrology technicians to carry out any CMM measurement services. Ensure they have been certified by the leading industry standards and can clearly articulate their processes.

Calibrated Equipment 

Calibration is essential to ensuring a CMM is up-to-date with the current industry standards and can perform its functions precisely. Reliable metrology providers will always provide CMMs that have been calibrated regularly and are adjusted to your specifications.

On and Off-Site Services 

The flexibility of on and off-site services is essential in quality CMM measurement services. Certain objects can be transported to another location, while others are essential to the production and require a portable CMM to gather the requested data. A reputable metrology provider will provide their clients with both options for their convenience.

Work with CMMXYZ 

CMMXYZ is proud to be the leading metrology provider in North America with over 30 years of measurement, repair, and training experience.

We offer innovative measurement solutions to our clients’ production problems and will tailor our services to meet their turnaround and budget. Whether you need dimensional measurements, reverse engineering, contract programming, or flexible on-site services, we have the resources and technicians to produce your desired results.

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