E-Learning for the Renishaw Equator

Published by CMMXYZ on April 3, 2017

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, March 31, 2017 – Canadian Measurement-Metrology (CMMXYZ) Inc. is pleased to introduce a new E-learning series: MODUS for the Renishaw Equator. This series of on-demand, easy to use and fully interactive courses consists of online training videos, summary sheets, labs and quizzes covering Renishaw’s Equator comparative gauging system.

CMMXYZ is currently offering two courses in this new E-learning series: Programming for the Renishaw Equator with MODUS and MODUS for the Equator Operator.

Programming the Renishaw Equator with MODUS offers 10 hours of step-by-step videos designed to teach you everything you need to know to utilize your Equator comparator gauge for master and production part comparisons. Topics covered include:

  • Steps for creating a new MODUS part program
  • Testing and debugging the MODUS part program
  • Setup of the MODUS Organizer GUI
  • Renishaw Process Monitor and Run Options in MODUS Organizer
  • Exporting Data from MODUS Organizer

Students who complete this course will be able to create a MODUS program, set up the graphical interface in the MODUS Organizer, use compare modes, and understand the basics of measurement, alignment, construction and reporting.

MODUS for the Equator Operator offers 3.5 hours of step-by-step videos designed for MODUS operators who use and maintain the Renishaw Equator. Topics covered include:

  • Recovering from unexpected touch errors
  • Using Star Clusters and Multi-sphere artefacts
  • Using RPM
  • Holding fixtures and master parts
  • Equator cleaning and maintenance

Students who complete this course will have a robust understanding of the Equator machine and its components and will be able to run programs, recover from errors and use holding fixtures and master parts.

By providing flexible training options based on your schedule, CMMXYZ E-learning can help you optimize equipment use, increase throughput, and save time and travel costs associated with in-person training.

“Our E-Learning courses are not only a cost-effective training method, they are also an excellent product refresher or problem solving tool,” said Margot Wax, President of CMMXYZ. “The user has the benefit of our world class instructors regardless of where they are.”

To learn more, visit https://www.cmmxyz.com/cmm-training/elearning/programming-the-renishaw-equator-with-modus/.

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