CMMXYZ Measurement Services Adapts to Lockdown Conditions

Published by CMMXYZ on July 1, 2020

One of the strengths of our Measurement Services department is its ability to adapt. As a third-party measurement solutions provider, it’s in our nature to overcome challenges as we routinely inspect parts we’ve never seen before.

This past spring our resourcefulness was put to the test when we were asked to play a crucial role in approving components used in the production of medical ventilators. Due to unprecedented public health restrictions we were unable to enter manufacturing plants during the lockdown period.

This posed a serious problem to our customer, ABC Technologies, who had recently announced a new Medical Devices Unit in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. ABC Technologies were now part of a ramped up “just in time” supply chain that couldn’t afford delays.

Our solution was to outfit a “Mobile Metrology Facility” in the back of a Ryder truck and take our lab on the road! Being setup in the parking lot of the part manufacturer, we were able to streamline the approval process and allow the components to be inspected, approved, and shipped without delay.

During the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 in North America, it became clear that the U.S. was facing a drastic shortage in life saving ventilators. Our efforts were part of a larger project whose goal it was to produce 10,000 ventilators per month.

For Ventec Life Systems, the company producing the ventilators, ramping up production on such a massive scale seemed insurmountable; normal output for Ventec is around 1000 units/month. This is where the automotive industry stepped in.

Partnered with General Motors, Ventec was able to take advantage of GM’s perfection of “just in time” manufacturing and its ability to coordinate with hundreds of sub-contractors. Keep in mind that these ventilators have nearly 700 parts!

With this many subcontractors involved, adhering to strict medical quality standards was vital. Our expertise and experience in many different industries and quality systems allowed our Measurement Services team to hit the ground running and confidently generate the inspection data needed to produce these life saving devices.

For more info on what our Measurement Services Department offers, please visit the Contract Inspection section of our website.

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