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    PC-DMIS Single Touch Interface

PC-DMIS Single Touch Interface

Single Touch Interface

Single Touch Interface™ (STI+) makes it easy for shop floor personnel to check parts and add custom front ends without becoming CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) experts.  

The STI+ option has two modules: one to develop the STI+ and the other to execute it. 

STI+ allows users to run pre-programmed inspections and review reports without any direct interaction with the underlying PC-DMIS software. Single Touch Interfaces can be as simple as a single screen (which let operators launch one of several part programs), or as complex as a system capable of automatically locating a part on the CMM then calling up the appropriate part program to measure it.

Building STI+ screens is similar to developing a PowerPoint® presentation; application engineers can develop Single Touch Interfaces using a “Slide Show” Editor, that lets them combine setup instructions, measurement programs, reporting templates, and everything else they need to measure parts into a single, cohesive system.