Open structure large volume CMM

The large volume DELTA OPERA CMM simplifies the loading of large parts in industrial environments.

An ideal shop floor CMM for large aerospace and other large-scale industrial applications, the DELTA OPERA allows for loading from the front, rear, and one side of the measuring volume. Making part loading quicker, more flexible, and protecting parts by avoiding collisions with the CMM. This CMM can also offer a smaller factory footprint than traditional gantry CMMs.

With its unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure, DELTA OPERA combines the advantages of both gantry and bridge CMMs and is available in standard sizes: X from 2000 to 4000, Y from 5100 to 10000, Z from 1500 to 2500.

As well as delivering high performance, DELTA OPERA comes with a range of usability enhancements, including status and speed lighting indicators.

Measuring Volume

X - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 3500 - 4000
Y - 5100 - 6300 - 8000 - 10000
Z - 1500 - 2000 - 2500

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