DEA Alpha 2.0

All-Purpose Flexible CMM

An all-purpose flexible CMM, the DEA Alpha 2.0 is an innovative product line of cost-effective and multi-sensor CMMs. It is a medium-capacity machine, featuring high throughput and high accuracy, and is the ideal solution for dimensional inspection of large castings and machined parts.

The DEA Alpha is equipped with a 3D scanning laser head and continuous servo wrist, to achieve high-productivity and throughput. It can also effectively gather the speedy collection of millions of data points from the most complex contoured shapes. It is the ideal reverse engineering and inspection system.

The gantry CMM architecture is the ideal solution for all measurement applications for large-sized automotive and aerospace components, as well as heavy transportation, communication and satellite equipment. Easy loading and integration with part transportation systems, ease of access to the measuring volume, and world class dynamic and accuracy performance are some of the most prized capabilities of the DEA gantry line.

The DEA Alpha is available in two configurations: DEA Alpha 2.0 Classic and DEA Alpha 2.0 Performance. All DEA Alpha 2.0 models can be supplied with optional bellows and covers, increasing machine protection from airborne shop contaminants.


Features and Benefits

   Slant Bridge Technology

  • Slant Bridge on X axis to ensure high accuracy


  • High-rigidity mechanical structure with no need for central pillars
  • Low-mass aluminum alloy on main carriage

   Temperature Compensation

  • Multi sensor temperature compensation for accurate data the first time


  • HH-ACW-43MW coninuous wrist available as option
  • High-throughput non-contact sensor options available

The DEA Alpha Classic is available in the following stock sizes:








Custom sizes are also available.

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