Using Protected Mode in PC-DMIS

Published by CMMXYZ on October 24, 2013

PC-DMIS Tech Tip 2: Using Protected Mode in PC-DMIS is a quick and easy way to enable your part programs to run in a "read-only" mode. Protected Mode is useful when writing part programs for a second shift and you want to control what the Operator can and cannot do.

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How can I set up PC-DMIS to run in a “read only” mode?


Enabling “Protected Mode” will allow you to run a PC-DMIS program in a mode which prohibits editing. Steps to enable Protected Mode:

  1. Open PC-DMIS but do not open a program. From the menu bar select Edit | Protected Mode…
  2. A dialog box will open prompting you to enter, then re-enter a password. After typing your password press “OK.”
  3. The Title Bar will indicate that you are now running in Protected Mode.
  4. To disable Protected Mode, select Edit | Protected Mode… and enter your password. Press “OK” to accept.

NOTE: If you forget your password, you can look it up using the Settings Editor. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Close PC-DMIS then open the Settings Editor from the Start Menu: All Programs | PC-DMIS <version> | PC-DMIS <version> Settings Editor
  2. Press “Connect” then press “Find” and type in the word “password” then press “Find Next.”
  3. Keep pressing “Find Next” until you arrive at the entry that is simply titled “Password.” Your password will be displayed in the “Current value” field.

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