Training Review Series: PC-DMIS Level 1

Published by CMMXYZ on August 17, 2015

Our popular and comprehensive CMM E-Learning programs are the perfect option to traditional ‘classroom’ courses. With internet-based instructional videos, you can feel confident and prepared on the shop floor. Not to mention – you never have to leave the factory.

PC-DMIS Level 1 offers an extensive in-depth overview of the basic concepts needed to control PC-DMIS. This course makes you competent to be a machine operator, and you will also learn all of the basic functions required to operate the machine.

Specific subjects that will be covered throughout this course, include the following: Probe Building, Alignment, Calibration, Feature Measurement, Dimensioning Construction, DCC CAD, and GD & T.

Overall, there are two levels in PC-DMIS. Although, it is quite common for the majority of people to only take this first level (since they simply need to know about basic operation of this particular CMM), both courses are a valuable resource that will allow you to reach your full potential.  In order to be enrolled, pre-requisites include: DCC English literacy, basic mathematics, and basic computer knowledge. 

In total, this course is taught over a five-day duration. On the first day, you will be given a System Overview, and then we will move onto Probe Calibration, User Interface, and Beginning Measurements.

On the second and third day, your knowledge will be expanded even further, as you learn about Comments & Alignment Theory, Work Planes, Alignment in PC-DMIS, Initial Dimensioning, DCC Alignments, GD&T, Clearance Planes and Move Point.

The course will be wrapped up on the last two days (day four and five), when you learn about Auto Features, Using CAD, Offline Programming, Additional Dimensioning, and CAD (continued). Quizzes at the end of each section are available, allowing you to test your knowledge and feel confident about the concepts that have been discussed.

To inquire about this course, and to receive more information, contact our Mississauga location at 1.800.606.9266. 

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