Purchasing a CMM at Auction

Published by CMMXYZ on August 30, 2013

Auctions provide a potential buyer of used CMM's the ability to purchase First rate or a nearly new coordinate measuring machine at bargain basement prices  usually less than 50% of the cost of replacement. Although bargains abound the buyer must beware! As a prospective purchaser you must be armed with First-hand knowledge of what you are about to purchase or bid on.

Upcoming auctions selling used CMMs can be found by searching "industrial auctions" on the internet. There are many on line auctions selling everything from presses to tool cabinets. These sites will aiiow you to view their auction catalogues as well as provide you with the auction details.

The prospective bidder has the opportunity to either bid online or attend the auction in person. Bidding online without out inspecting the equipment should be left to only the highly experienced in the CMM business. By far the most reliab way to prepare is to attend the auction preview yourself in this way you are able to assess the condition of the machine first-hand and the kind of environment the machine was operating in. Condition and environment are the two biggest clues to future machine performance and reliability.

The following list of questions needs to be answered during the auction preview. Spending the time to answer these simple questions will eliminate machines that would be best sent to the scrapyard:

  • Are parts commercially available for the equipment? For this information you need to contact the manufacturer or his representative in your area.
  • Are all the accessories necessary for the operation of the machine available and on display? Check for all probing items, software keys, reference sphere, and software manuals in the immediate vicinity of the machine. Ensure with the auctioneer that all components you have inventoried indeed come with the equipment.
  • Are the shipping brackets available (check under machine), if not, you will have to rent or buy prior to removal.
  • Assess how easily it would be to remove the machine from its current location. If it looks difficult a Rigger prior to bidding.
  • Secure an estimate from a CMM service provider for pack up, installation and calibration at your facility.
  • Have an estimate of the trucking charges required to take the machine to your facility. Bear in mind you will need an air-ride truck.
  • What would the cost of software training if required?
  • Does the equipment need repair, is anything broken and what is the cost of repairing it?

Answering these questions prior to purchase can help you ascertain costs that were never factored into your buying price and in fact help you decide if it's a good deal or not!

When calculating your bid price keep in mind that this is not the Final ñgure you will be spending. On top of your purchase price there will be a buyer's premium ranging anywhere from 10 to 17%.

If all this sounds bewildering, then perhaps you need to contract an expert to do it for you. At Canadian Measurement Metrology Inc. we can assess the true value of the machine, considering all issues that will impact your pocketbook. We can look after all the logistics, including crating, rigging, installation, calibration, freight and provide you with a full upfront cost of any machine, anywhere!

We are also North America's #1 choice for measuring machine moving services as well as CMM calibration. Our staff of software/metrology applications engineers is also available to meet your training and programming requirements.

For further information contact [email protected]

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