Proper Packing Prevents Plenty of Problems and Peeved People

Published by CMMXYZ on June 16, 2014

Here at Canadian Measurement- Metrology Inc. there are certain things that really...grind our gears. One of the most grating issues that we contend with from time to time is the improper packing of a machine that arrives at our facility. Occasionally because of logistical difficulties or lack of staff availability we cannot send our own personnel to pack up a used machine that we have acquired from another location. This means we rely on others to arrange and confirm the method in which it is packed and transported to us. Only once the machine has arrived at our facility do we discover the packing methods, quality of transportation and its effect on the Coordinate Measuring Machine in question.

There is one Coordinate Measuring Machine that sits in the corner of our warehouse, which stands as a testament to the CMM version of Murphy’s Law. From a distance you can identify there is a serious problem as the Z ram has a tilt that would put the Leaning Tower of Pisa to shame. As you approach the machine appears to have been sandblasted. Your curiosity is piqued, what happened? Did something fall on it?  Did we dig it up in an archeological find? Unfortunately no, the machine was in running condition before it was shipped to us. It was due to improper bracing of the machine and unsupervised loading and tarping on the truck that allowed the machine to acquire its “distressed” look.

We also hear this same story more often than we would like from our Customers.  In these challenging times every penny needs to be justified.  Bear in mind the relatively small expense that is spent on proper packing of a CMM is inconsequential compared to the damage that will be done if you do not pack and transport it properly.

Here at CMM we can disassemble and arrange all aspects of moving your Coordinate Measuring Machine. We will organize crating, use or build brackets if necessary, arrange all the logistics of moving your machine safely and efficiently anywhere in the world.  With over a quarter century of experience packing Coordinate Measuring Machines we ensure that your expensive investment arrives in good working order.

 To arrange for a quotation or to speak to us regarding packaging your Coordinate Measuring Machine contact us at 1.800.606.9266

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