Propagation of Templates in Polyworks

Published by CMMXYZ on May 9, 2022

Polyworks Tech Tip:

This is a video tutorial on how to propagate changes made in one piece to all the pieces in that project in Polyworks.

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Welcome to a new tech tips video from CMMXYZ. In this tech tips, let's explore a feature called "Propagation of Templates in Polyworks." Propagation of templates feature is used when there are multiple measured pieces or samples, and the inspector decides to make some changes in all the projects at a time. This is enabled by making changes in one project and propagating it in all or selected projects by propagation of templates. Before getting into details of propagation, let me show you how propagation works.

To propagate changes in Polyworks, we use the icon on the right bottom corner of the screen. In my project, I have 15 measured pieces. After completing the scan for all the samples, I realize that I have to add some dimensions and create a report.
The first step is adding all the changes in one sample. I'll go ahead and make those changes in my 15 sample. Here, I've added a position tolerance on the pattern holes, created an angle dimension, added a column map, and created a report in the 15th sample b

ut if we check out the samples, these changes are not added. To make these changes in other samples, let's use propagation. Next, let's go to the propagation icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the dropdown. Here, we'll find two options, manage pieces and configure propagation. Manage pieces shows the general information about the pieces in the project.

Select "Configure Propagation" in configure propagation dialogue, our current piece will be created out as we are using this sample as a template to make changes, then checkmark on the samples where you want to propagate these changes or click on "select all" to add changes on all samples. Checkmark on the all option "Propagate Changes" to select pieces now and click on "Okay" to make the changes on all the pieces. This will add the changes made in the current sample to all the samples that we checked.

Template one has been created using the 15th sample. The changes are made in all the pieces and the icon on the bottom right corner has changed indicating that the pieces are linked to a template. Then if you go to "Configure Propagation" using the dropdown, we can create another template using "Create New." If any changes are made in the future project, we can assign the required pieces to template two. If we go to "Manage Propagation" using the dropdown, we can see that all the pieces are linked to template one. Here, we can link individual pieces to different templates by right-clicking on the piece, linking to template and choose the template. Propagation of templates can propagate the following changes through the project.

This was a video on propagation of templates in Polyworks. Thank you for watching the video.

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