PolyWorks 2019 Breaks New Ground in the Metrology World

Published by CMMXYZ on May 14, 2019

As is their tradition, InnovMetric launched their latest software release in grand fashion at their annual conference in Novi, Michigan last month. This year’s PolyWorks USA 2019 Conference marked the company’s 25th anniversary and attendees were treated to one of the most innovative releases to date!

InnovMetric President Marc Soucy delivers his keynote address at the PolyWorks USA 2019 Conference

What’s New in PolyWorks 2019 CNC CMM?

Some of the most exciting breakthroughs announced at the PolyWorks conference were found in the CNC CMM interface.

During a live programming demonstration, Applications Specialist Amanda Leo introduced “Assisted Sequencing Technology.” This popular new tool provides online and offline users with interactive tools to quickly and easily create an optimized measurement path when adding features to a measurement sequence.

Applications Specialist Amanda Leo introduces Assisted Sequence Creation & Editing in PolyWorks 2019

Users can easily create an optimized measurement path in a fraction of the time by simply selecting the desired objects and adding them to a measurement sequence, all while keeping the measurement path collision-free.

Also new to the CNC CMM interface are Intuitive Control View Creation (an easier way to create Control Views from the 3D Scene), Scripted Measurement Methods, GD&T improvements for the ISO Standard, and, a more intuitive “Align” button was added to the Point Pairs dialog to confirm the alignment.

PolyWorks CMM has come a long way since it’s introduction to the market a few years ago and with this latest release, it’s showing that it is well on its way to becoming a serious player in the CMM programming world.

Introducing “The Collaborative Suite”

With the 2019 launch, PolyWorks has branched off and introduced a new Collaborative Suite in addition to their Metrology Suite. The Collaborative Suite offers 3 module “Loops” which promote cross-platform collaboration.

  • 1. PolyWorks | DataLoop™
  • 2. PolyWorks | PMI+Loop™
  • 3. PolyWorks | ReportLoop™

These new modules make it possible for users to benefit from PolyWorks tools directly in CAD software and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Watch for these new modules to make their debut in the upcoming 2019 IR1 release.

PolyWorks 2019 introduces a new "Collaborative Suite" branch

Embracing the Future

Two common threads were prevalent throughout the conference this year: Breakthrough Innovations & Emerging Technologies.

Innovation means never accepting the status quo and always striving to make a great product even greater! With PolyWorks 2019, we’ve been shown that innovation equals time savings. CMM programming time can now be reduced to almost half thanks to the breakthrough development of Assisted Sequence Creation. Users can now simply drag features into the Measurement Strategies Editor and PolyWorks will generate a safe and efficient execution path.

Additional reductions in programming time can also be found in the new Scripted Measurement Methods. This allows users to choose common measurement strategies like “Measure Corner Point” from a library of pre-written scripts. These scripts are embedded in measurement objects and can be accessed in the object properties.

The Macro Scripts dialog box offers various tools to create and manage object measurement scripts

Finally, we were given a glimpse into the future with the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens. In his opening address, Eric Roberge, Lead Product Manager at InnovMetric, introduced the audience to PolyWorks Augmented Reality (AR). This new addition to the PolyWorks Metrology Suite allows users to view a color map on an actual part and, using hand gestures, create color map annotations!

The new PolyWorks Augmented Reality (AR) module was launched at PolyWorks USA 2019 Conference

At CMMXYZ, we have a team of skilled PolyWorks programmers ready to measure your parts. Please visit our website to discover more of what PolyWorks can offer you!

PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2019 officially launched on April 24th, 2019

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