PC-DMIS 2022.2 Auto Feature Improvements

Published by CMMXYZ on March 28, 2023

The 2022.2 release of PC-DMIS includes a new option which allows programmers to use the tip vector direction when utilizing avoidance moves. This enhancement provides greater flexibility when programming in tight spaces using multiple tip angles.

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In this video, I wanted to talk about a new enhancement to auto features. This was introduced in 2022.2. and it has to do with the avoidance move. Up until this version, we could only program an avoidance move along the feature vector.

If you look at my point here, you can see, I have a really tight area inside this notch, and I want to probe vector points on the top and the bottom side of that notch. With a 10-millimeter avoidance move before and after, you can see, it's not really gonna work, it's gonna hit the top of that wall there. If you follow the path here, you can see I'm using both the clearance cube and the avoidance move, so I could just turn off the avoidance move and use the cube. What I could also do now with this enhancement is just simply use the tip vector as the direction. So, let me enable that, and I'll show you what that looks like.

So, you can see here, that 10 millimeters is now along the Tip Vector, which is outside of the notch entirely. So, inside the notch, it's just using the pre-hit retract distance. It's a great new improvement to auto features. If you aren't using auto features, you should be, because there's so much you can do within that auto feature. You can see all the buttons and options here. It's just really a self-contained type of strategy for measuring features, for clearances, everything is built into that, and it's a big topic in all of our training sessions to do with PC-DMIS. So, if you haven't had a chance, go on over to our website, and check out all the training options that we offer. So, that's about it, just a real quick tip on a really nice improvement. And I hope you found that useful. Thanks for joining me, and we'll see you next time.

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