PC-DMIS 2020 R1 Measurement Strategy Editor Enhancements

Published by CMMXYZ on May 28, 2020

The new improved Measurement Strategies Editor now allows you to add user-defined feature widget parameters to your PC-DMIS program. This change provides more options for "on the fly" edits during quick feature creation.

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Welcome back to my series on what's new in PC-DMIS 2020 R1. In this video, I will be taking about enhancements to the Measurement Strategy Editor. The first thing they've done is added a tool bar. You can see it here. To add this tool bar, just right-click the tool bar area and select it here, Measurement Strategy.

The nice thing with this tool bar is it now has a drop-down. We don't have to open Measurement Strategy Editor to change our user groups. We can just quickly switch to the different groups that we've saved like 8 HIT CIRCLE, for example. Or another one I was testing with, I just used my own name there. Automatically, when you select it, it sets that as the default group.

Another nice feature they've added in this version is that the Measurement Strategy Editor will recognize your probe type and probe mode. If I open up the Strategy Editor, you'll see here that it recognizes that I'm using an Analog probe and that I'm in Manual mode. Prior to this version, that was not the case.

Let's go back into the Measurement Strategy Editor and I'll show you some of the new features. You'll notice if I expand this window here that we actually have these on/off buttons here. This is brand new to this version and this is a great new feature. What it does is it allows you to control what appears on the Measurement Strategy widget as we're creating features. I'll show you what I mean. Let's close it for now and I'll just show you the normal way.

Let's go just pick a circle using the Factory Default setting. When we do that, doing the quick feature, Shift and click, and we open up the properties of that feature, the little gear there, you can see the only thing we have available to change at this point is Number of Hits and Depth. With the new enhancement to this widget, we can actually add to that list, like add Avoidance Move, Sample Hits, things like that. I'll show you how we do that. I'll just cancel this one.

Let's go back into the Measurement Strategy Editor and we'll just focus on circles for now. Let's just go into the circle. What I want to do is, in addition to Number of Hits and Depth, I wanna add Avoidance Move. Let's scroll down here. What I need to do is go and find Avoidance Move and just turn it on. Simply turn it on, and if I wanna control the distance as I create my features, I can turn that on as well. Let's save that as a group now and we'll just call it demo 123. Click Okay and now that's added to the list.

The other nice thing is I don't necessarily need to set this group as the default at this point. I can just close this, save and close and now from the drop-down, I can just select it and that will automatically set this as my default strategy. Let's go ahead and create a circle and I'll show you the changes. Now when we click the property gear right here, you can see I have added those two new fields. I can change this on the fly. I can Disable that or just make it Before only. I can change the distance, and that's all done on the fly.

That's about it for this series on what's new in 2020 R1. I hope you found those demonstrations useful. Thanks for joining me and we'll see you next time .

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