Path Lines In PC-DMIS

Published by CMMXYZ on January 17, 2022

PC-DMIS Tech Tip: This video shows how to view probe path using path lines option in PC-DMIS along with the technique to add move points directly from graphics display window using path lines.

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Welcome to a new video on "Tech Tips" from CMMXYZ. In this video, let's discuss about path lines, and how to manipulate path lines in graphic display window essential for offline programming. Path lines are the lines generated by the software to show the path taken by the probe in the program. To check path lines, go to View, Path lines. This will show the path taken by the probe for the complete program. To hide the path lines, go to View and uncheck path lines. To check the path lines for a portion of the program, we have two methods. One is by going to View and selecting path lines from cursor. After selecting path lines from cursor, place the cursor in Edit window after DCC mode to check the path taken. Here, I want to check the path lines from datum A feature and I've placed my cursor on it. As I move the cursor, the path lines will be generated for the features or command on which the cursor is placed. This is useful when you want to quickly check the path lines of individual commands. To hide the path lines, go to View and uncheck path lines from cursor. The second method to check the path lines for a portion of the program is by highlighting the portion of our command for which we want to check the path lines, then right-click, Path, and Path lines. This shows the path lines for the highlighted commands.

PC-DMIS gives us an option to manipulate the direction of the path lines directly from the graphic display window, which is useful while doing an offline program. Here, you can see that the path line is going through the path. To correct the path line, click on the line where we want to manipulate and the dialog box opens. Using this dialog box, you can move the selected point on the line in X, Y, and Z direction. I'm moving this point in Z plus direction by placing the cursor on the Z plus value, and using the incremental value, and scrolling the center wheel of the mouse, then press OK. This will add the move point command at the required position in Edit window. Now, the path is clear for the probe to move from datum A feature to datum B. If this option is disabled, you can enable this option by going to Edit, Preferences, Setup, Animation tab. In Animation tab, go to path line section. In path line section, we have different options available to set path line animation. Here, we want to checkmark on path line moving enabled. This will enable the manipulation of path line and adds move point in Edit window. Then make it as a default to save the changes for future programs and press OK.

This was a video on path lines. Thank you for watching the video.

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