Marked Sets For Operator Mode in PC-DMIS

Published by CMMXYZ on August 17, 2022

CMMXYZ Tech Tip:

Video tutorial to create Marked Sets in PC-DMIS.

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Welcome to a new video on Tech Tips from CMMXYZ. In today's video, let's discuss about a feature called Marked Sets in PC-DMIS. Marked Sets are organized marked features in the form of sets kept in marked feature window. This window is often used in operator mode where an operator can just execute the program by double-clicking these sets. For example, in this program, if I just want to run the Manual Alignment portion of the program, I have an alignment set created in Marked Set window. When I double-click the set only my Alignment feature will be executed excluding all the other features in the program.

In some cases, we just want to check certain features in the part like these six holes at the top. Let's create a Marked Set to execute only these six circle features. To open Marked Set window, go to Edit, Marking, Show Marked Sets. This window already has three sets, Exit to File Manager set to close the program, Print full report set to print the report, and Calibrate tips set to open probability dialogue box to calibrate tips. Manual Alignment set was added by me.

To add a set, you can double-click in the dialogue box, then enter a name for the set. I'll name it Six Holes as I'm measuring the top six holes and press OK. Next, in the output configuration dialogue for the report output, you can set the path to save the report or use global print settings. I'll check on global print settings and press OK. Global print setting can be set in File, Printing, and Report Window Print Setup. This creates a set named Six Holes. However, I need to add features to the set.

To add features to set, first, make sure that the set is selected. Then unmark the program by going to mark icon in quick measure toolbar, then select clear all mark. This will unmark all the features, which is indicated by a blue background. Blue background is the portion that is skipped during execution. Then highlight the portion that needs to be executed and mark it by pressing F3. You can also go to Mark icon and click on Mark.

Now, if I double-click on Six Holes set, it'll only execute the marked portion, which is the Six Holes. Next, follow the same steps to create different sets. I've created two sets for the two holes on the left side and two planes for distance. Now, if you decide to delete two-side hole set and add the two left-side holes to Six Holes set, you can delete that set by selecting the set with one single click on the set and then press Delete on the keyboard. Press OK to the shown message, this deletes the selected set.

Next, to add the two left side hole features in Six Holes set, select the Six Holes set with single left click and mark the two holes by highlighting the features. Now, we've added two left holes features to Six Holes set. When the operator opens this program and operate a PC-DMIS, he will only see the Marked Set dialogue, and when he double-clicks on the Six Holes set, the program now measures all the holes marked for that set, including the left holes. Then the operator can print the report. This was a video on Marked Sets feature in PC-DMIS. Thank you for watching the video.

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